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No Motivation is a gains killer I fell off the gainszmobile for two months, I rode out the gainz I had made but now I’m having to work twice as hard to recover the strength and progress I had previously made. I enjoyed the gym and strength training lifestyle, having made really positive progress through most of last year, I could never understand why anyone would take a long break from it or find it hard to get back into it. I didn't have a choice about the break in training, struggling to juggle the endless balls of life, but...

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Hey there!My name is Jess and I'm a part of the Strom team and in keeping with the teams efforts I shall be posting up a blog every now and then! A little bit about myself, I started training a few years ago, I have always been interested in strength but lacked the confidence to access the gym until I met Rick, It's been a focus and passion of mine ever since! Currently I am 7th strongest woman in Britain in the under 63kg class, my goals this year are to compete regularly, push up my pbs and improve my consistency...

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