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Introducing Jess

Hey there!
My name is Jess and I'm a part of the Strom team and in keeping with the teams efforts I shall be posting up a blog every now and then!

A little bit about myself, I started training a few years ago, I have always been interested in strength but lacked the confidence to access the gym until I met Rick, It's been a focus and passion of mine ever since!

Currently I am 7th strongest woman in Britain in the under 63kg class, my goals this year are to compete regularly, push up my pbs and improve my consistency in competitions.

The amount of woman interested in strength training seems to be ever increasing and I have met some fantastic ladies on my journey so far, however I do struggle to understand why there is a lack of information available to woman WHO LIFT by women WHO LIFT compared to what is available to men!

With this in mind, through personal exploration I think I have found what works for me and in an attempt to help others who may be starting out I'm going to share my experiences as best I can.

Im Currently using Recover EX by Boditronics post workout and Chained out while I'm training.

If there are any specific topics you would like me to cover or questions you may have regarding my training, supplementation or diet plans then please do contact me via the Facebook or Twitter page with 'FAO JESS' in the title of your message and I will respond either directly or in a Blog or Vlog on here.


See you in the gym!


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