'in the gym trenches - with Ryan Yates' - Coping with PTSD through fitness. Posted on 19 Jul 11:57

My name is Ryan Yates -  to the casual observer an ex military gym owner and fitness enthusiast/obsessive (delete as appropriate)
People ask me daily what drives me, what keeps me pushing day in day out?
Is it my military background and my rigid mindset or what?
How do I go everyday, why do I push as hard as I do for as long as I do 2/3 sessions a day 6days a week.
Firstly its important to note I'm not the only person who does this there's athletes out there who put me to shame and take thing to a whole other level I'm just an average Joe gymrat. 
One of the things that has stuck with me from my days in the Military is the ‘your only as good as your last fuck up’ mentality - So on a personal level I will accept nothing less than 100% - anything else just feels like failure. 
But my time in the military is done, so surely just a latent mentality cant be enough to see myself continually punish myself day in day out - what truly drives me, beyond anything subjective or logical, are my demons, my anger, my rage - the inner me my 'military default’ you might say.
How do I keep myself in line? how can anyone who has been trained to kill just switch off there animalistic instincts when they return to ‘civilian life’
Personally I train, I lift, I run, I flog myself because that's how I stop myself slipping and keep my focus - it gives me an outlet.
I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2014/2015, primarily I remember feeling weak, pathetic and my anger grew because of this, what was wrong with me, why couldn't I just man the fuck up and clear my head? 
How exhausting is it being angry all the time?
I couldn’t help but feel 'Why me’ we all accepted signing on the dotted line that life changes, it is what it is, I never expected to sleep well at night after the war that's the soldiers burden but at the same time it is every soldiers burden so I must be mentality weak to be susceptible to PTSD.
My new War
Train your mind and your body will follow I took this on as my new mantra and this is where its taking me.
Again I'm in a warzone but now I don't have my brothers around me, instead I have a dark side my inner demons trying to impose there will on me it's a daily struggle, a daily battle but I do what I've always done stand my ground and not give them an inch I train I diet I keep my body like a weapon, my best and closest ally.
I go at it everyday no matter how I feel I grind I lift heavy and hard, I run until I'm sick throw myself into gymnastic movements I can't master to drive myself on force myself to come back tomorrow because I'm too stubborn to be beaten by a movement or a weight or a distance or time and I find myself here:
A gym owner or a gym rat depending on how you want to see me - I have a mental illness but It doesn’t define me, I don't let it win, somedays it comes close, most days it doesn’t.
I sleep using sports supplements and with an autistic child's weighted blanket to help me feel secure.
I do everything I can to keep on top I've been helped along the way been supported by a few close friends, until now I have kept my issues to myself -  I've ruined friendships had relationships fall apart along the way but also made new friends and new relationships.
Fitness (maybe just having something to focus on that requires so much of myself) has probably saved my life, its certainly changed my life, primarily it's a selection of coping mechanism that work for me.
I am not suggesting is it better than drugs and anti depressants that's a decision I leave to people to make for the selves, I've found something that works for me, little routines and tricks like my supplements and my blanket and I'll battle it on my own.
Is it a harder road? Probably but anyone who knows me knows I never do anything the easy way anyway.
So where do you go?
I say to you, take control of your life, dedicate yourself to an idea drive yourself on with a goal whatever it is.
In all walks of life there are ways to make life more liveable, to cope with all the curved balls a little bit easier.
For me its fitness - some days this is as simple as getting up and dressed on days where it takes you an hour to commit to getting up and brushing your teeth - Its getting in and following a program when all you want to do is hide behind closed doors, it's flooding your body with endorphins rather than medication, repetition repetition repetition.
When you look back as I have I promise it will be worth it despite the Nay Sayers, the haters and in some cases the medical professionals you are the Master of your own destiny - anything you want or haven't got is down too you everything you have is down to you - if there is something you want go out and EARN it.
Make it Happen
So why do I do it?
I do it because without it I wonder where I'd be -
1) without it I'm not sure I'd be the person I am today
2) I do it because I love throwing big ass weights around
But most importantly I do it because I fear the angry man that would take over if I don't keep physically and mentally strong I fear who I become on the PTSD days because he is one scary MOFO and he's best kept indoors
#staystrong #neversettle #makeithappen 

Ben 'Badger' Brunning on the BE Strong - Adapt range. Posted on 31 May 10:17

VascuMAX - What is in it and WHY? #VascuMAX #ScienceVEINS Posted on 22 Oct 17:09

VascuMAX - What is in it and WHY? #VascuMAX #ScienceVEINS


Agmatine Sulphate (1000mg per serving) - A by product of the Amino Acid Arginine, which is the original ‘pump’ amino acid - Agmatine is more effective at reducing blood pressure and increasing NO (nitric oxide) production than traditional arginine - leading to increased vasodilation.
Agmatine is also shown to increase insulin sensitivity, is a potent antioxidant and anti cortisol.


Citruline Malate (3000mg per serving) - A by product of the amino acid ornithine - Shown to increase blood plasma levels of Arginine more so that supplementary arginine (by around 100% a 3g does of Citruline produced the same effect as a 6g does of arginine in a german study) with the added benefit of less gastro-intestinal side effects than arginine (arginine can cause stomach issues in some)


AKG (1000mg per serving) - An other Arginine metabolite, the Alpha-Ketoglutarate compound helps improve the delivery of l-arginine pushing NO levels even higher again!


Cyclic Dextrin - Glico's Cluster Dextrin® (Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin) - this highly advanced carbohydrate imported especially from Glico’s facilities in Japan - Helps raise bloody glucose levels to increase muscle fullness and facilitate the transport of VascuMAX’s other components to where they need to go.


B6 - Always a essential in the reduction of fatigue - people training hard and regularly may have higher requirements for this essential vitamin than sedentary people.


Sodium Bicarbonate - A potent PH balancer ensuring maximum uptake of the key ingredients in VascuMAX

Guarana (400mg Per Serving) - A mild natural focal antagonist - delivering around 80mg of caffeine allowing you to use VascuMAX stand alone for a gentle pick up and massive pumps, or allowing you to stack it perfectly safely with your favourite preworkout, I personally use one scoop of VascuMAX and one scoop of Boditronics Red Mist V2 

Richard Foster

Merchant of Gainz

Boditronics Mass Attack Lean - Jack of all gainz? Posted on 14 Oct 14:39

Mass Attack Lean -  


Is this something of an oxymoron? 


A product that promises only lean mass and strength gains with none of the fat gains, all in ones and mass gainers traditionally will contain lots of ‘added extras’ to help with performance and recovery they also contain a good amount of carbs and calories (80g for mass attack juggernaut and over 200g in the heavyweight version)

Carbs and calories help hugely with mass gains due to them being ‘protein sparing’ (this means they prevent protein being converted to fuel and leave it available to help build and repair muscle tissue) they also raise insulin to help push nutrients (of all types) in to storage, both in terms of muscle and adipose, great yes?! 

Yes absolutely, unless you are a heavy set mesomorph, your activity trying to reduce bodyfat, or you have an overly active appetite (I very much fall in to this category)

Mass attack lean gives you all of the performance components of an all in one mass gainer, but with only half the calories and a quarter the carbs of the Juggernaut alternative, a brilliant alternative with no compromises in performance. 

Richard Foster - Merchant of Gainz


What boditronics say:


All In One Muscle Building Formula

Mass attack is an elite muscle building formula when used in combination with training and nutrition plans. It contains everything your body needs to grow and recover to sustain muscle post workout. Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Profusion Reloaded is unrivalled in the market due to its exceptional nutritional profile, quality and taste.

* New & Improved Formula

* The Ultimate All In One Training Supplement

* Elite muscle building formula when combined with training & nutrition plans

* Contains a massive 8g of Creatine and 4g of Beta Alanine per 2 x daily serving

* A market leading 40g of protein per serving

* Unrivalled in the market – exceptional nutritional profile, quality and taste




Whey Protein Blend - High biological value protein - Creatine

Increases physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise.

Beta Alanine - A naturally occurring amino acid - MX Stack containing zinc, which contributes to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood.

Introducing Nic - Who happens to be a World Champion Posted on 24 Sep 14:15

I’m the newbie to the Strom family, though I’ve known Richard and Jess since I started lifting a couple of years ago.  I’ve been one of those lifters that try different programs because they look good, but I definitely need direction!

As a powerlifter, I had previously tried an incremental type program that increased weight percentage whilst lowering reps.  This worked really well for a while as I was still getting “beginner increases” in my capacity to lift heavier and heavier weights.   Unfortunately once my strength gains began tapering off, I found it increasingly difficult to hit the 1RM that I should have achieved at the end of the cycle and occasionally missing the last lift of the cycle.  This totally wrecked my head!  I learnt from that though, I now appreciate how much of my performance is influenced by my mind set – more of this later.

I’ve tried writing my own program (not good, I’ve no idea really), Cube method, Wendler 5/3/1 and Smolov (nearly finished me off).  The most success I’ve had with a program prior to this was one written by a fellow powerlifter Tania George, a huge advocate of women’s powerlifting and a friend since I did my first ever competition promoted by her 2 years ago– Ladies, the comp is called NoDumbelles and is usually held in September as a qualifier for the GPC federation that I lift with, there are definitely worse things you can do with your time.

Aaanyway, I went to a seminar at Olympic Gym in Eccles held by Delroy McQueen.  It was a small group of about 8 and we went through the 3 lifts, he changed my squat technique to suit my biomechanics and also brought my arms in a little for my bench press and taught me to generate more power through my legs in deadlift.  I then had a 1-2-1 coaching with him where we went over what I’d just learnt.  Del did a trial program for me that extended into a full program in the run up to the European Championships (I won the Gold medal and got a record) and then into the World championships that have just taken place in Las Vegas.  

Vegas is nuts, it’s an awesome amazing place, if you get the chance go! I got a gold medal again finishing on 175kg squat 72.5kg bench and 200kg deadlift.  As I said before, a lot of my lifts are dependent on my mind set.  I can’t lift my true 1 rep max in the gym because I’m easily distracted and can’t summon the aggression I need while having a laugh with my mates.  I am a peacock lifter, give me an audience and I’ll give you a big lift! However, I hadn’t reckoned on the 8 hour time difference, 40o heat and 13 hour competition.  That deadlift nearly didn’t happen. 

I’m not going to lie, it’s not enough – I know I can lift more and I will lift more with the help of the support network that has built up around me…….

The Strom family, making sure I get my supps right

Tania George, making sure my head is square and letting me know it’s ok to be a competitive woman!

Delroy McQueen, for THE best programming in the world ever.

Dayle Longford, Owner of DL Fitness in Rhyl and an epic lifter in the 90kg category

My family, who put up with me 24/7……no escape!!

In short, no one does this sh*t alone.   I have a team, and they are expert. 

Nic currently uses Recover EX by boditronics post workout 

‘Carbing up’ PreComp & Intracomp Nutrition for Strongman Posted on 20 Aug 09:48

Ah, the scared carb up, in different sports it means different things, in cycling for example it can mean porridge, fruit, pasta, rice…
In bodybuilding it can range from jasmine rice and potatoes to haribo and ice-cream.
However in Strongman (in my experience) it is usually just game a of much can I fit in my mouth in the 24 hours before a comp… I even saw someone competing at body power ‘carbing up’ with a burger… 
The goal, regardless of sport, should be the same - to max out glycogen stores, both systemic and intramuscular, in bodybuilding with a focus on avoiding overspill.
As a result you will hear people harping on about having to ‘hit 1000g of carbs’ which would make sense, if you were coming from keto or for some other reason you were completely depleted for some other reason, but in a strongman unless you have dieted for a weight cat this is unlikely and will most likely lead to GI tract discomfort, sluggishness, bloating and crucially inefficient nutrient uptake.
Key Points:
You are eating for performance, not for gluttony, learn the difference! 
Aim to intake 500ml of water with every carb meal.
If you feel you don’t process carbs well, look to a Nutrient Repartitioning supplement like I-Load ( )
So, What should you do?
Well, firstly take in to consideration your usual diet, if you currently run a lower carb diet start to increase your carbs up to around 2g per LB of bodyweight from around three days out, mostly from complex sources (don’t worry, you won’t get fat, but if image is a concern, drop your fats to compensate!) 
Then, the day before your comp, increase to as close to 3g per LB of Bodyweight as you can with out feeling discomfort and lower your protein to around 50-100g (no you won’t go catabolic, not with all the loverly protein pairing carbs in your system)
Things like granola and oat cakes are useful at this point due to their high carb density.
Then the evening before the comp just to full max out your glycogen stores throw in 100-200g of simple sugars (ben and jerry is a guilty pleasure of mine)
The Morning of the comp try to stick to food types you know sit well, Oats, Rice, etc up until an hour out from the first event.
At this point its ok, you can break out the haribo, but be sensible, no much sugar can cause an insulin spike and make you feel drowsy (sunday dinner drowsy) other options are liquid carbs, I recommend Express Carbs from Boditronics ( ) as it is a convenient blend of Glucose and MaltoDextrin to give you an instant and more sustained elevation in blood sugar.
Don’t worry about protein intake, just keep a steady flow of carbs through the day, be sure to pack enough complex carbs to cover any intermissions or times when you can kick back and relax, take plenty of water and some rehydration sachets and kick some ass.
Just because its not ‘cool’ to eat for performance, doesn’t mean it won’t be worth it when your standing there with a 1st place trophy, then you can have your macdonalds ;)
Picture shows a 12 hour progression AM to PM of a 'Proper' Carb Up

Bodybuilding - A breeding ground for eating disorders? Posted on 20 Apr 12:12

Is it possible to have a healthy relationship with food and still progress towards your goals?
I took to write this after reading an extract from an old Lyle MacDonald book:
"The small percentage of dieters that do succeed long-term tend to show characteristic changes in things such as eating and exercise habit. Most use regular self-monitoring of weight or bodyfat percentage to prevent them from slipping too far and there are a few other strategies that come into play as well. Simply, successful dieters make these changes and maintain them long-term. They have to restrict calories to some degree for the rest of their lives to maintain the weight/fat loss. I suspect they’re a little bit hungry and unhappy most of the time. But this describes a small minority; most people, miserable and anxious simply return to old habits and get fat again"
Could this be true?
Am I destined to forever be slightly hungry and unhappy as a result? 
It certainly describes how I feel alot of the time, even off season when trying to add lean mass it is a source of constant anxiety for me. 
Further reading indicated that there are several Biological and Psychological mechanisms at play that want to try and keep your body at a predetermined ‘set point’ which is put in place by many factors, from your mothers diet while you are in the womb right up to food avavilblity in childhood. 
Food for me was never a big deal It was just something that went in me and sometimes It was nice and sometimes it was functional, but if I fancied something I had it.
I cant remeber ever eating to the point of feeling sick or spending a day being bloated when I was morbidly obese and I never experienced food guilt, being fat was what I was and I didn’t care.
I made consistently poor choices but at the same time I used to very much enjoy food, which I still do, but at the same time there is always that sense of guilt or the feeling I need to have ‘earned’ it which leads to constant cycles of depletion and deprivation followed by binging one evening when I ‘Justify’ it because I might not be able to again for some time… Sound familiar?
If it doesn’t chances are you have a normal relationship with whats on your plate and I salute you!
So where does this leave us?
I help people with diet plans day in and day out, I get a couple of messages a week from people who claim to have been inspired by me to begin there own weight loss journeys (praise I constantly feel unworthy of as I still feel like I’m constantly fighting to just tread water with my own sanity)
Well, you may remember recently Jess started to prep food and follow a more set diet for her build up to the Bodypower Expo with the hope of improving her performance and maybe adding some lean mass. 
She has been doing well, her lifts are up and she is finding having preplanned nutritions food with her at work to be both practical and time saving, one less thing to worry about! 
However she gets bored having the same thing for tea every night, so in the evening she has what she fancies, sometimes coming in over her macro-nutrient target often coming in under, crucially though she has no need for a ‘cheat’ meal, has no sense of deprivation is still progressing and no food guilt, chatting with a friend of Strom Sarah Whitney ( from ) I joked that it must be nice to not have an eating disorder... but after Sarah left I spent some time thinking about this and I think there might be something to it!
Is this approach optimal? That depends on perspective, you couldn’t do it for a bodybuilding prep diet, nor would it yield optimal results in a hard cutting diet, but for general sports performance in someone who is naturally lean or to add some structure in where previously there has been none it may well be the best approach possible, should Jess want to drop some weight or refine her diet she only has to regiment the one meal she currently has as a flexible allowance and crucially she has maintained a sensible relationship with food.
So with this in mind I have decided to adopt this approach for the offseason, planning out my breakfast and nutrition through the day, pre an post workout and possibly pre bed, but leaving my evening meal to be an opportunity to enjoy food again for what it is, not to eat until i feel ill, not as an opportunity to binge, but to get back in to cooking and enjoying proper wholesome food and with this elimination of cheat meals should be relatively simple, we may still have a take away night, but there will be no need to consume as much food as possible just for the sake of it.
I have stumbled across and am planning to pick a new healthy recipe three or four nights a week and try to break a cycle that for many becomes a required evil, but is not the way I intend to live forever… nor do I intend to allow my bodies GPS take over and revert me to my natural 'set point’ as Mr MacDonald puts it.
Watch this space!

Climbing about Posted on 24 Mar 15:25

A nice little climbing short from our friend vito in north wales

Chasing purple dragons; Why are you really using that pre workout and what should you actually be looking for? Posted on 28 Feb 11:07

Whats the STRONGEST?!
Which one will make be buzz my tits off mate?
Have you got anything that's like the old Jack3d?

Sound familiar? It might do or it might not, but these are the most common lines of enquiry when people are asking about pre-workouts. Very rarely will someone open with a question along the lines of:

Which one will offer me the best performance improvement?
I'm looking to get more of a pump?
Which products have the full amount of the clinically studied doses of the active ingredients used?

But the above questions should be our primary concern when looking for our next purchase, especially considering that after protein, pre workouts are usually most people's second priority when buying supplements.

The reason (in my humble opinion) is because people are still looking for that Jack3d ‘Buzz’, but I have news for you guys, it's not gonna happen!

Jack3d and its clones of the day, despite many of us having had some epic sessions on it, was banned for a reason. The 1,3 dimm that gave it such a kick was an amphetamine which caused over reliance, heart irregularities and excessive chatting when you were supposed to be benching. The point is, those days are gone and there is no legal, safe OTC product that will give you the same buzz.

So what should you be looking for?

Most pre workouts on the market now fall in to (or somewhere between) three distinct categories. I’m going to avoid naming individual products as they change formulations so often.

The high stimulant. (A.k.a 'High Stim')
Because of the limited range of ingredients that are now available to manufacturers this normally just means somewhere in the region of 500mg of caffeine and some token ingredients that sound good on the label but are often lacking in a ‘proper’ dose. These products are attempting to replicate that Jack3d buzz and may be suitable to people who work long physical jobs, but they are unlikely to yield any benefits for your physique or performance over and above ten Proplus tablets!

The Pump product.
Often containing high doses of things like Argnine, L Citraline, less caffeine (as this can have a vasoconstrictive effect) these product can be good but often require multiple scoops to work effectively.

The Focus product.
This is a relatively new type of pre workout, often creatine free and containing things designed to improve mind to muscle connection. I personally really enjoy these products but you have to already be in the right frame of mind to get the benefit from them.

Which ever type of product you feel would work best for you is an individual choice, I would never suggest that one brand is intrinsically better than the other as ultimately it comes down to the ingredients and doseing. What I will do is list some ingredients you should be looking for, what they do and the amount you would hope to see in a product in order to get a ‘real world effect’.
Sometimes you'll see the phrase ‘proprietary blend’ used on products. What this means is the manufacturer is just giving you a list of the individual ingredients (but not their amounts) but the total amount of all the active substances (caffiene, creatine etc.) within the whole blend. Often this allows them to put in more of the cheap ingredients but with claims it is to protect there top secret formula! Using these products comes down to whether you trust the manufacture and ultimately often just giving the product a try.

Almost every pre workout contains caffeine, it's the single most used and abused stimulant in the world! It is clinically proven to increase performance, of that there can be no doubt, however over reliance on it should be avoided.

I aim for around 250mg per serving but this is a personal thing, many people tolerate up to 500mg quite well. I would always avoid going beyond that point as there is definitely a point at which it becomes counter productive, often causing nausea, dizziness and so on.

An Amino acid which is a precursor to the production of nitric oxide in the blood - that gives you that pump! 3g plus would be what I would personally look for.

There are many different types of creatine on the market now. There are few supplements that have been studied in as much depth and repeatedly been proven to be safe and effective. I personally get on fine with plain old creatine mono but other options are out there such as Creatine HCL, EE, Krealkaline etc, the dosing for them all is slightly different. The two most common in pre workouts are monohydrate and HCL. Personally I notice little difference using it in a pre workout product over having it dosed daily in the morning, that said many people appreciate the convenience of having it in their pre workout.
With this in mind aim for 5g of creatine mono or 750mg of creatine HCL.

Beta Alanine:
The 'TINGLES!' that many people now associate with their preworkout ‘kicking in’ is actually just a curious little side effect of Beta Alanine. It works by preventing the build up of lactic acid in the working muscle, allowing you to push more reps for longer. It is actually best used daily for maximum effect so I would suggest getting a stand alone supplement for non training days.
1g will usually cause the tingling sensation in most people, but 2-3g is a more useful amount to get the best results.

Made famous by Red Bull, an urban legend would have you believe it is an extracted form of bull semen! This is not the case, but taurine is essential in prevention of cramps, regulation of heart rhythms and the hydration of muscle tissue. Anything over 2g is perfectly acceptable.

A metabolite of glucose, shown to increase focus, alertness and mood improvement. Effects can be noted above 500mg but 1g is where the magic starts. I do find some people don’t respond drastically to this ingredient, but for those who it really works for tunnel vision and a feeling of being extremely ‘zoned in’ are the usual comments.

Citruline Malate:
A combination of Amino Citruline and salt malate, responsible for huge pumps and vascularity by increasing blood flow, 2-4g is plenty.

Not essential in a pre workout and often used as a filler, but as long as its not taking away from the quantities of the other ingredients then they can certainly have their place. Assisting with recovery, energy production and preventing catabolism, 5-20g is a nice place to be.

There are lots and lots of other bits and bobs you may well find in pre workouts, new ingredients appear all the time. My general advice regardless of the type of product you feel you need would be do some research. See what amounts of active ingredients are required to get a real world effect before getting all carried away at the inclusion of a wonderful new ingredient. Then, if it all looks to be good, get your pump on!

Richard Foster

Why your post workout protein shake is costing you gains. Posted on 28 Dec 21:47

I hear it all the time; in the gym, in the shop, even from uneducated members of my family. Everybody knows, it's simply a fact.

What am I referring to?

I am of course talking about the protein shake that has been broscienced in to you that you 'need' post work out...

When dieting I don't have anything post workout bar maybe some BCAA's and I didn't 'go catabolic' or whatever else I was told would happen. As it happens I'm a firm believer that when dieting your 24 hour intake is much more important than what goes in immediently around your workout. Your body is still repairing and burning fat the rest of the day, not just after the gym!

However, when we are bulking and trying to build maximum lean mass in as short an amount of time, pre, intra & post workout nutrition can become much more crucial. That said if the rest of your diet is junk your pissing into the wind regardless (but we can cover that another day!)

Post workout your bodys (massively simplified) priorities are as follows:

1) Replace glycogen stores (and rebalance electrolights if applicable).

2) Repair muscular damage.

3) Commence hypertrophy.

Obviously stage three is our goal. But the criteria for stage 1 and 2 must be met first.

Stage 1 - Replace glycogen.

This is where our broscience whey shake falls down. Although protein can be converted to glycogen it is a very slow process and very inefficient, it also prevents the protein being used to repair muscle and build mass.

A much better option at this stage is something like a high gi carb, aminos and some fast acting delactosed isolate protein such as:

This is one of our most popular products but there are many many products on the market. Lots of people choose to throw a scoop of maltodexrin in with their whey, which will work more effectively than just whey immediately post workout. All you need to focus on is getting those carbs in!

Stage Two - Repair muscular damage.
This requires getting both carbs and protein into your system. So either a proper balanced meal half an hour after your recovery shake or some whey works well at this vector.

Stage Three - Commence hypertrophy.
This is much more to do with your 24/7 diet approach. You must ensure you consistently hit your protein requirements to retain as postive a nitrogen balance as possible, as well as ensuring adequate calories from either carbs or fats to ensure the protein is able to be used as intended, rather than being wasted by being converted to glucose to run you!

This is where shake supplements and high protein snacks can become vital to ensuring you are growing right through the day and night!

is it working, you tell me?

In my next update I will take a more in depth look at nutrient requirements for various activities and simple ways to ensure you get in what you need!