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A nice little climbing short from our friend vito in north wales

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Is it possible to have a healthy relationship with food and still progress towards your goals? I took to write this after reading an extract from an old Lyle MacDonald book: "The small percentage of dieters that do succeed long-term tend to show characteristic changes in things such as eating and exercise habit. Most use regular self-monitoring of weight or bodyfat percentage to prevent them from slipping too far and there are a few other strategies that come into play as well. Simply, successful dieters make these changes and maintain them long-term. They have to restrict calories to some degree for...

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My name is Ryan Yates -  to the casual observer an ex military gym owner and fitness enthusiast/obsessive (delete as appropriate) People ask me daily what drives me, what keeps me pushing day in day out? Is it my military background and my rigid mindset or what? How do I go everyday, why do I push as hard as I do for as long as I do 2/3 sessions a day 6days a week. Firstly its important to note I'm not the only person who does this there's athletes out there who put me to shame and take thing to...

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