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No motivation is a gains killer!

No Motivation is a gains killer

I fell off the gainszmobile for two months, I rode out the gainz I had made but now I’m having to work twice as hard to recover the strength and progress I had previously made.

I enjoyed the gym and strength training lifestyle, having made really positive progress through most of last year, I could never understand why anyone would take a long break from it or find it hard to get back into it.

I didn't have a choice about the break in training, struggling to juggle the endless balls of life, but I am determined to regain that focus I once had and surpass my previous progress.

Having bumbled through my training over the past month I have been going through the motions of a similar pattern of training, a plan I have stuck to and found benefits from previously.
However my head has just not been in it, I have struggled to make any substantial progress towards achieving my goals.

So tonight while grinding out an other solo pressing session in the cold on my own at our regular gym an epiphany…

For me to gain focus I need to feed my competitive nature, though not outwardly competitive I always have a better session when I feel I need to prove something, be it against another person in the gym or someone posting online who is a similar weight and experience.
I train alone, not through choice as I have not yet found other ladies who lift for strength in my town so its up to me to motivate and drive my sessions.

(as an aside if anyone local to shrewsbury who has similar goals to me wants to get some sessions in please do use the contact form on the page!)

In order to push myself forward I have decided to try and compete in as many competitions as possible, no matter how badly I do I want to keep this drive and by doing so publicly I can't back out or change my mind without a damn good reason!

I am also lucky/unlucky enough to be with a partner (Rick) who is borderline obsessive about all aspects of the gym from supplements through training and nutrition, although the continuous babble of information sometimes gets the nod of agreement without anything reaching my brain.
However on occasion something gets through, namely at the moment with my busy schedule a pre workout. I have struggled in the past with finding a pre workout that wasn't too “buzzy” and kept me awake for the rest of the night. Red Mist V2 by Boditronics has been a great middle ground - giving some pump, so I feel like I'm doing something whilst giving me a reasonable buzz to get through my long sessions, rick also said something about research driven dosages of products which will actually improve my lifts.. I don't know about that but I certainly feel more explosive!

So I have committed to progress and increase my gainz through possible public humiliation!

More to follow!

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  • Kristina

    Great post, chick. Good luck in finding that trusty gym buddy to push you and motivate you further – it can take time, but once you have another partner in crime, it’ll be worth the wait.

    Keep on grinding. Stay strong and don’t let anything stand in your way…. and keep on inspiring! :D


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