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The Science 

  • Atomic Bomb delivers the explosive ingredients necessary for combat in the weight room directly to your body. A ferocious blend of performance-enhancing ingredients ensure you buffer lactic acid build-up, sustain endurance, and crush PR’s as you approach your workouts with maximum intensity.

The Dosages 

  • The Bomb contains a performance powerhouse mixture of 3,000mg beta-alanine, combined with 3grams of Glycerol & 2.5gram of Citrulline (as Nitrate & Malate) to get the ball rolling. Complimented with Creatine 1.85grams of Creatine, 1gram of Taurine & proven ergogenic aids such as Beetroot Powder, Atomic Bomb amplifies every conceivable angle of human performance so you’re best equipped to dismantle previous PR’s.

 The Results 

  • 1 15g scoop pre-workout is all that’s necessary for Atomic Bomb to deliver clean, lazer-focused energy that creates blood-blistering pumps, unstoppable intensity and explosive power.


Performance. It’s the determining factor of what you become. 

Don’t lift with the correct intensity? You won’t grow. It’s as simple as that. 

Without a sufficient stimulus for the body to change, it won’t. Got that part? Good.


That’s why Atomic Bomb should be mandatory you attack the weights. A blistering combination of all the most scientifically proven ergogenic aids, conveniently nestled together in this powerful concoction. 

From the very first serving, you’ll notice the swift infusion of Theacrine & caffeine combining to give you unparalleled focus and concentration; you know you’re about to get down to business.


Then the swathes of powerful, consistent energy hits you as you warm-up. The 3grams beta-alanine causes you to tingle, but you love that, because it means you’re about to smash past the standard rep barriers as the lactic acid futilely tries to make you fail. Not today. 

And then comes the explosiveness. The synergistic combination of Creatine and Citrulline drives you to previously unseen sights; it’s impossible not to smash through plateaus and shatter PR’s in the process.


Finally, the pumps. You know you love it - don’t lie. The blood-bursting, vicious pumps as you blast the muscles one last time. Fuelled with Atomic Bombs 3000mg of Glycerol, your veins start protruding like roadmaps; the final stage of workout domination is complete.


You drop the weight. Job done - mission accomplished. It’s another etch on your tombstone as you write your own course of history. Nothing was left to chance today. 

You wouldn’t go to war without a loaded gun, so don’t fail to be at your explosive best. Keep Atomic Bomb in your arsenal and dominate performance.


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