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Consultation call via ZOOM

15 minutes - £30

30 minutes - £50

60 minutes - £80



"I wanted to get some expert advice to help me prepare in the best possible way, to maximise my performance in the run up to and for the competitions, and to ensure I was doing everything I could to improve recovery between training sessions.

Rick listened, understood and then gave me simple, clear, straightforward advice that was really easy to implement.
With the basics covered (protein, creatine, hydration, etc) he suggested adding a liquid carb as an intra workout for longer sessions to boost performance and stacking it with No Code from HR Labs to aid recovery and build strength.

Two weeks in and the results have already been very noticeable. Strength output has improved massively, numbers have gone up, energy has been on point and recovery has been great - and the gains have been awesome too.

It was a really simple fix but it's made a huge difference and Rick's input was invaluable. I honestly couldn't recommend speaking with him highly enough - book yourself in for a consult, you won't regret it." - Tommy Tonkins


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