IV Ozone Treatment

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IV Ozone Therapy 2 – 10 Pass
Major Auto-Haemotherapy (MAH)

A large or ‘Major’ volume of blood is extracted (approximately 180ml depending on patient weight) via IV cannulation in an arm vein. 

Ozone gas (O3) is infused with the blood in a sterile, single use, i-set and transfused through a filtration system back into the bloodstream. An anticoagulant is used to prevent the blood from clotting whilst Auto-Haemotherapy is performed. The process is hyperbaric, utilising both negative & positive pressure.

May support performance, recovery and immune function.

A ‘pass’ denotes the number of times the procedure is carried out.

Allow 30 – 45 minutes. 

£150 – 2 pass
£250 – 5 pass
£325 - 10 pass

Ensure you’re well hydrated prior to the appointment. Also, that you are wearing warm clothing in cooler months.

Training is permissible the same day, but no sooner than 1 hour following the procedure. It is safe to drive.

The ozone is performed in our Shrewsbury clinic: 
Strom Sports 
Unit 32 Atcham Business Park
SY4 4UG Shrewsbury

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