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Carb Up for War.  Cluster Dextrin™ based Intra-training fuel that is rapidly absorbed, easy to digest and formulated to supply sustained energy for intense training and periods of prolonged exertion.

You ain't going far without fuel. Carbohydrates often get a bad rap around training, seen as the enemy, surplus to requirements, nowadays overshadowed by EAA and electrolyte loaded 'Carb Free' alternatives. The truth is, both are of benefit with Carbs being equally as important. Cluster Dextrin™ is the ideal training fuel, a carbohydrate that provides sustained energy.  The addition of both Glycersize™ makes it an all round product!

Per 34g serving:
Cluster Dextrin - 25g
Glycersize - 2g
Taurine - 2g

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