Combat Fuel Cream Of Rice 1.8kg

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Cream of Rice is a convenient, easy to mix and delicious source of carbs, suitable for any phase of your training and diet. It’s easy to digest, easy to make and the flavour variations with the Combat Fuel Whey are endless! Each 1.8kg tub of Cream of Rice contains 60 servings - one 30g scoop is equivalent to 22g carbs.

Why Combat Fuel Cream of Rice?

- Complex Carbohydrates.
- Easy to digest.
- Easy to make.
- Convenient meal for on the go.


How to make Cream of Rice 
Although a 30g scoop is included, please consume to your specific requirements in a ratio of 1g powder to 2ml of boiling water. For example, if 100g of powder is used, you should add 200ml of boiling water. Add boiling water safely from a kettle, don’t burn ya self you fruit loop, and mix vigorously until a smooth paste consistency is achieved. For more volume, microwave it in 10s blasts on a medium setting. Pro Tip: After it’s made, add your favourite whey and top it with berries for a complete, great- tasting meal.

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