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Strom Presents STIMUmaxPRO

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New and improved formula 

Warning - contains nuts and high levels of caffeine 

Long awaited! 30 servings, available in ENERGY flavour - strawberry kiwi or Unicorn pi55 goodness from us here at Strom!

6000mg Cit malate 

3200mg beta alanine

1000mg nac l tyrosine

250mg caffeine 

200mg juglans Regis whole fruit extract - 10-1 water extract  (walnut, nut allergen)

Please see below for studies on the active ingredients.


Beta alanine


The PRO version of Stimumax adds 250mg of Alpha GPC to the mix - if you like StimuMAX you will LOVE this!

30 servings 

over 21's only

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