VascuMAX - What is in it and WHY? #VascuMAX #ScienceVEINS Posted on 22 Oct 17:09

VascuMAX - What is in it and WHY? #VascuMAX #ScienceVEINS


Agmatine Sulphate (1000mg per serving) - A by product of the Amino Acid Arginine, which is the original ‘pump’ amino acid - Agmatine is more effective at reducing blood pressure and increasing NO (nitric oxide) production than traditional arginine - leading to increased vasodilation.
Agmatine is also shown to increase insulin sensitivity, is a potent antioxidant and anti cortisol.


Citruline Malate (3000mg per serving) - A by product of the amino acid ornithine - Shown to increase blood plasma levels of Arginine more so that supplementary arginine (by around 100% a 3g does of Citruline produced the same effect as a 6g does of arginine in a german study) with the added benefit of less gastro-intestinal side effects than arginine (arginine can cause stomach issues in some)


AKG (1000mg per serving) - An other Arginine metabolite, the Alpha-Ketoglutarate compound helps improve the delivery of l-arginine pushing NO levels even higher again!


Cyclic Dextrin - Glico's Cluster Dextrin® (Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin) - this highly advanced carbohydrate imported especially from Glico’s facilities in Japan - Helps raise bloody glucose levels to increase muscle fullness and facilitate the transport of VascuMAX’s other components to where they need to go.


B6 - Always a essential in the reduction of fatigue - people training hard and regularly may have higher requirements for this essential vitamin than sedentary people.


Sodium Bicarbonate - A potent PH balancer ensuring maximum uptake of the key ingredients in VascuMAX

Guarana (400mg Per Serving) - A mild natural focal antagonist - delivering around 80mg of caffeine allowing you to use VascuMAX stand alone for a gentle pick up and massive pumps, or allowing you to stack it perfectly safely with your favourite preworkout, I personally use one scoop of VascuMAX and one scoop of Boditronics Red Mist V2 

Richard Foster

Merchant of Gainz

Introducing Nic - Who happens to be a World Champion Posted on 24 Sep 14:15

I’m the newbie to the Strom family, though I’ve known Richard and Jess since I started lifting a couple of years ago.  I’ve been one of those lifters that try different programs because they look good, but I definitely need direction!

As a powerlifter, I had previously tried an incremental type program that increased weight percentage whilst lowering reps.  This worked really well for a while as I was still getting “beginner increases” in my capacity to lift heavier and heavier weights.   Unfortunately once my strength gains began tapering off, I found it increasingly difficult to hit the 1RM that I should have achieved at the end of the cycle and occasionally missing the last lift of the cycle.  This totally wrecked my head!  I learnt from that though, I now appreciate how much of my performance is influenced by my mind set – more of this later.

I’ve tried writing my own program (not good, I’ve no idea really), Cube method, Wendler 5/3/1 and Smolov (nearly finished me off).  The most success I’ve had with a program prior to this was one written by a fellow powerlifter Tania George, a huge advocate of women’s powerlifting and a friend since I did my first ever competition promoted by her 2 years ago– Ladies, the comp is called NoDumbelles and is usually held in September as a qualifier for the GPC federation that I lift with, there are definitely worse things you can do with your time.

Aaanyway, I went to a seminar at Olympic Gym in Eccles held by Delroy McQueen.  It was a small group of about 8 and we went through the 3 lifts, he changed my squat technique to suit my biomechanics and also brought my arms in a little for my bench press and taught me to generate more power through my legs in deadlift.  I then had a 1-2-1 coaching with him where we went over what I’d just learnt.  Del did a trial program for me that extended into a full program in the run up to the European Championships (I won the Gold medal and got a record) and then into the World championships that have just taken place in Las Vegas.  

Vegas is nuts, it’s an awesome amazing place, if you get the chance go! I got a gold medal again finishing on 175kg squat 72.5kg bench and 200kg deadlift.  As I said before, a lot of my lifts are dependent on my mind set.  I can’t lift my true 1 rep max in the gym because I’m easily distracted and can’t summon the aggression I need while having a laugh with my mates.  I am a peacock lifter, give me an audience and I’ll give you a big lift! However, I hadn’t reckoned on the 8 hour time difference, 40o heat and 13 hour competition.  That deadlift nearly didn’t happen. 

I’m not going to lie, it’s not enough – I know I can lift more and I will lift more with the help of the support network that has built up around me…….

The Strom family, making sure I get my supps right

Tania George, making sure my head is square and letting me know it’s ok to be a competitive woman!

Delroy McQueen, for THE best programming in the world ever.

Dayle Longford, Owner of DL Fitness in Rhyl and an epic lifter in the 90kg category

My family, who put up with me 24/7……no escape!!

In short, no one does this sh*t alone.   I have a team, and they are expert. 

Nic currently uses Recover EX by boditronics post workout