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Pumps N Pressing

So the New Year started off with a chest session, helping to get past any left over grogginess from the tequila margarita I had inhaled the night before.  It was a pump session with an aim to stretch the fascia in the short term and make me some weight gainz in the long term.

 I was given a Superpump 3.0 sample ( Get it here! ) and boy did it work (although I cant say I enjoyed the taste!) , I felt a buzz and fueled up to attack the session, I definitely got a pump, a feeling which i have always found intensely weird but its beneficial to my growth so I stick with it, pushing on until i can hardly move my hair out of my eyes my arms feel so full!

This is 15kg Dumbbell press, previously was only using 10kg as I was getting back into training, but today I felt strong so decided to push myself out of comfort zone to see what I could do, pressing has always been a weakness for me but but I'm hoping by focusing more on hypertrophy for a few months i should be able to build some more size which will give me lots of loverly new muscle tissue to convert in to explosive bench power!


I like to see how I feel in a session, which can be affected by so many things ( pre workouts, tiredness, stress, other people training and general life) and try and change up one aspect of the planned session to keep things dynamic so to speak - keep my body guessing in an attempt to avoid falling into a training plan rut, at the moment this seems to be working for me!



As an aside… as its new year an all, I don't know about anyone else but I get massive chocolate cravings leading to a general feeling of disappointment and rubbishness. After some searching I found this, might be useful for someone else if they struggle with their sweet tooth like me.


Don't take this as gospel but it is has helping reduce my general chocolate input!

See you in the gym!

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