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SupportMAX Neuro - 30/60 servings

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Our widely known and popular SupportMax Neuro. It was first developed to help wind down post workout but has over the years had more applications. Some people like having it in the morning with coffee and some like having it before bed (and some people use it morning and evening). It comes in either powder or capsules, depending on how you prefer taking it.

Per 5g serving
1000mg Choline
600mg KSM66 Ashwaganda
500mg Phosphatidylserine
500mg Lions mane
10mg Bioperine 


Per 4 capsules
1000mg Choline
1000mg Lions mane
600mg KSM66 Ashwaganda
500mg Phosphatidylserine
10mg Bioperine 


Please see below for studies on the active ingredients




Lions Mane

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