Team Strom

Richard Foster - Founder.

I started Strom because sports nutrition, bodybuilding and training are pretty much my entire life! I have competed in Strongman, Powerlifting, organised Wales Strongest Man 2013 & 2014, competed in bodybuilding (at a low level!)
I formulated the Strom range of supplements with assistance from my team over the course of the last three years - only producing products that we personally wanted to use - starting way back in 2015 with our first iteration of VASCUMAX
I am also a Level 5 Accredited Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutritional Advisor so can provide tailored diet plans for whatever your sport related goals may be.
Ben Brunning - Wales Strongest man - 2016 four nations champion - worlds strongest team competitor - British sumo wrestling champion 
Badger as he is known to most is currently Wales strongest man as a life time athlete having competed at a national level in rugby, kickboxing and strongman he is the man to help if you want to improve your strength and power!
Jessica Mabbott - Britains strongest woman under 63kg competitor - Bodypower 2015 under 70kg 2nd
Currently taking time out to be an awesome baby momma.
Rob Smith - Captain of ship - on a Sunday.

Rob isn't just a member of staff - he is a part of the family - after moving back to his family business (something about carpets?) he now just works on a sunday - so at least one day a week the shop is professional 


Andrew Keiler 
Expert Nutritonalist, Three x Champion Bodybuilder and Coach - Andrew is Sponsored by  ourselves and our favourite brand Boditronics, offering wit & sarcasm in equal measure along with top level advice.
Will Carver
William Carver - British finalist bodybuilder
Will was the key driver behind GlycoMAX as a huge advocate of GDA's in general - based in Devon - Will has a bright future in the sport ahead of him.
Alan Carson
One of the UK's top up and coming tall classic bodybuilders - with a recent string of 1st and 2nd places - one to watch for sure!
Yanik Marquis
Much the same as Alan - Yanik is a huge up and coming talent in the classic bodybuilding world - he is in the short class and again has huge potential - Yanik doesn't like stimulants so he just uses Vascumax as his pre workout - and has been using it for far longer than he has been a sponsored athlete!
Harry Bristow - Ambassador 
Harry is our ONLY brand ambassador - its not a position we would usually have - however harrys commitment to the brand is incredible and he has been here from day one - he helps us out at events like body power and the Mental health muscle event in 2018 and moving forward a harry continues to progress and grow we expect to one day grant him a full sponsorship - check out his uTube page here 
Shop Boy
Source of many many frustrations - but ultimately part of the family - shop boy has been working for us for nearly a year now and so far has managed to learn to fold boxes and not get sacked!