Ben 'Badger' Brunning - Wales Strongest Man

Here at Strom we have been proud supporters of the current Wales Strongest Man - Ben Brunning -  since he first started in the sport way back in 2012.
Badger currently trains at BIG DOGS strongman gym with Wales third strongest man Dale Peters and the reigning UK's strongest Master

Badger moved to Bala - North Wales ten years ago from Essex and is currently the top strongman in the country. 


Bens Current Supplement needs are provided by ADAPT NUTRITION 

He adds Carb powder to his INTRABCAA's for event training and occasionally will use the MASS ATTACK range to replace a meal.


Ben like most strongmen is relaxed with his diet - but as a rough guide. 

On Waking - 4 wholemeal toast - 6 whole eggs - large glass orange juice with 1 scoop ADAPT INTRA AMINOS .

Through the day - 3 meals consisting of around 250g lean meat - a small handful of nuts - a large pitta bread or a pack of rice.

Before Training - CNP Protein Flapjack

PostWorkout - 80g haribo - 1 serving whey 

Evening meal - large jacket potato - 10oz steak - mixed greens

Before Bed - toast and peanut butter


Ben Currently trains in a periodised style - moving from lighter weights in an explosive fashion progressing to heavier weights over a 4-6 week period before returning to the start of the program and repeating. 
If you would like to have the opportunity to train with WALES STRONGEST MAN or would like help with your strength training program contact us at and I shall forward relevant enquiries on


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List of Achievements

Champion of the future 2, 2012, 1st

Yorkshires strongest man novice, 2012, 1st

Chester strongest man, 2012, competitor of the day.

Wales strongest man 2012 5th

Uk strongman north, 2012, 3rd

Wales strongest man, 2013, competitor 

Wales strongest man 2014, competitor 

Bsnf qualifier 2014,1st

Bnsf final 2014, 3rd

4 nations 2015, 1st

Yorkshire highland games 2015 2nd

Wales strongest man 2015, 3rd

Uks strongest man 2015 competitor 

Wales strongest man 2016, 2nd

Worlds strongest team 2016 competitor 

Uks strongest man 2016 competitor 

Wales strongest man 2017, 1st.


Ben is currently sponsored by ADAPT NUTRITION and STROM - if you would like to support Ben Please get in touch.