Supplement Needs - Probiotics 50 billion CFU's

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Our Supplement Needs Probiotics deliver a new level of quality with an incredible 50 Billion CFU's per capsule in a 60 serving pot! 

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts and can play a key role in supporting digestion and overall gut health. Qualities of probiotic supplements vary dramatically which is why we have ensured our product has one of the best profiles you will see! 

Gut health is hugely important as issues with digestion will essentially prevent you from absorbing the nutrients you consume through diet. Probiotics can assist in supporting the nerves that control gut movement and in turn help us send foods through its digestion process. 

If you have known digestion issues such as IBS then utilising a high quality probiotic can help ease the symptoms and improve overall health. The benefits are endless and here are just a few that can be highlighted;

> Improve overall digestion and intolerances

> Ease symptoms of IBS

> Assist in prevention of allergies and colds

> Support IBD symtoms 

> Improve skin conditions such as eczema

> Support urinary health

> Support recovery through antibiotic related diarrhoea