R&G MAX - 30 servings

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About R&GMax:
Strom R&G Max brings you both a fully transparent greens formula as well as an antioxidant rich reds formula in a single easy to drink product.

Many greens products claim to be delicious only to taste like pond water! However this really is pleasant to drink!

On top of the clear well dosed panel of whole plant and fruit extracts every serving gives you a full 1g of artichoke extract. 


Please see below study related to Artichoke extract (external links - not the opinion of Strom Sports)

LDL Cholesterol

HDL Cholesterol

Blood pressure

microcystin-LR-induced hepatotoxicity

Liver Function

Liver function

bile flow > liver function

reduction in ALT, AST and Bilirubin

choleresis / bile production

chronic dyspepsia



Suggested use:
Mix 1 scoop with 400-500ml of water and drink




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