Matthew McKeegan on Body Composition vs Body Performance

The majority of people these days train just to burn calories and to be as lean as they possibly can, this really frustrates me.

I competed in bodybuilding for many years, so I obviously had composition as my main goal but I also treated training like a performance sport, progressing lifts and even having cardio goals for fitness.

The human body is designed to be used physically, get stronger and get fitter. Thousands of years ago cave men didn't know what calories even were, they travelled across all sorts of terrain, fought and battled just to hunt for food and provide for themselves and their family.

I understand many people have body shape goals but unless you plan to compete in bodybuilding I genuinely don't understand why people put themselves through it just to look a certain way.

Getting stronger and getting fitter is way more satisfying than getting lean and also a lot more enjoyable.

I competed in bodybuilding for just under 5 years and am currently one of the strongest men in Ireland, I know which one makes me happier and I'm also alot healthier.

Think that 1st picture of me alone will tell you exactly how I felt at the time without me actually needing to tell you.

If you want to get lean, I appreciate that. But get lean whilst setting performance and fitness goals, I also guarantee you that doing this will help your composition goals.

I'll always have a passion for body composition but for me, seeing the body perform is just far superior 👌 I am now happy, healthy and I still look not too bad if I do say so myself.
written by
Matthew McKeegan