Andy Poole on Bodybuilding Dedication

My approach to training may seem a little extreme to most, but it’s the dedication that’s needed to take part in amateur body building competitions, as well as successfully holding down a full-time job and being a dad to my five year old boy.

I am a Project Support Administrator for an Engineering and Supply Chain team within the Water industry, “I’ve always trained, I like how it makes me feel and it’s a great stress relief, but competitive body building is hard, not only does it test your discipline and drive to the max but it’s hard on your body too as you’re pushing it to look the best it can while you’re on stage. But the hard work pays off.

While some may struggle to fit in a couple of workouts a week, I’m setting my alarm for 05:00 sometimes 04:30 so I can fit in two workouts a day, almost every day one in the morning and one in the evening.

I’ll be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with the process of getting competition ready. It’s a long process and it requires a lot of planning, dedication and determination; in the run up to a competition my life is basically, training, work, food prep, sleep, repeat.

I find the discipline I need to train for a competition helps me in work too time management and focus are crucial when it comes to not only trying to balance work and workouts, but actually doing both to the best of my ability.

If there is anything that will make me break my training schedule, it’s spending time with my son.Time spent with Judd is very important to me, and that time can never be given back. Missing the odd training session here and there to be a dad is far more important to me, no gains will be lost whilst making memory’s that’ll last a life time.

My advice to anyone who is keen on bodybuilding and this lifestyle is to be patient, results will come but it’s a slow process, be consistent, stay focused and you will get the results.

Oh and use all the Strom 😊 This will make you 2000 times more anabolic. FACT


written by

Andy Poole