CNsport JOINT SUPPORT+ - 26 servings

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CNSport - Joint Support + - 156 Caps


Containing a massive 6320mg dosage per daily serving. 



Serving size 3 Caps

Daily Servings Size 6 Caps 

Servings Per Container 56

Daily Servings Per Container 26


Take three caps twice pre day AM/PM - Ideally as far from training as possible. 



Vitamin C - 500mg

Glucosamine sulphate - 2500mg of which glucosamine 1500mg

Turmeric extract - 1650mg of which curcumin 1570mg 

Chondroitin sulphate - 1200mg of which chondroitin 952mg 

Boswellia serrata extract - 400mg of which 250mg boswellic acid

Black pepper extract - 70mg of which 60mg piperine


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