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Elevate your lifting game with Strom Lifting Straps, the essential tool for serious gym enthusiasts, bodybuilders, strongmen, and powerlifters. Designed to enhance your grip and provide unparalleled support, these high-quality straps are the secret weapon you need to conquer your lifting goals!

Strom Lifting Straps are expertly crafted using durable materials to withstand even the most demanding workouts. The premium-grade fabric offers exceptional grip and prevents slippage, enabling you to focus solely on your lifts without worrying about your grip failing you.

Whether you're deadlifting, performing heavy rows, or tackling other pulling exercises, Strom Lifting Straps provide the extra support you need to lift heavier weights and push beyond your limits. By minimising grip fatigue, these straps allow you to fully engage your targeted muscles and maximise your training potential.

Designed for comfort and versatility, Strom Lifting Straps are adjustable to fit all wrist sizes securely. The quick-release feature ensures effortless and hassle-free strap application and removal, allowing you to transition seamlessly between exercises.

Rated up to 2 tonnes, tested up to 440KG. 

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