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The Science 

  • Atomic Bomb delivers the explosive ingredients necessary for combat in the weight room directly to your body. A ferocious blend of performance-enhancing ingredients ensure you buffer lactic acid build-up, sustain endurance, and crush PR’s as you approach your workouts with maximum intensity.

The Dosages 

  • The Bomb contains a performance powerhouse mixture of 3,000mg beta-alanine, combined with 3grams of Glycerol & 2.5gram of Citrulline (as Nitrate & Malate) to get the ball rolling. Complimented with Creatine 1.85grams of Creatine, 1gram of Taurine & proven ergogenic aids such as Beetroot Powder, Atomic Bomb amplifies every conceivable angle of human performance so you’re best equipped to dismantle previous PR’s.

 The Results 

  • 1 15g scoop pre-workout is all that’s necessary for Atomic Bomb to deliver clean, lazer-focused energy that creates blood-blistering pumps, unstoppable intensity and explosive power.




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