Team Afinity - CAMZ - Complex Night Gains


CAMZ - Complex Night Gains


Your night time recovery in two capsules.

Rest and recovery can be the most underated apsects of strength, endurance or intense training.
KM-66 has a list of benefits that fill a page but foremost is the ability to aid sleep and recovery.

The rebalancing of your body with our ingredients list can have a positive impact on your overall night time recovery. This can lead to improved energy levels, immune system, mental functioning and the lowering of stress levels.

The introduction of 1mg Chelated Copper brings a balance to anyone taking high levels of Zinc on a reguylar basis.

Keep out of the reach of children. And do not exceed the stated daily allowance.

Dosage Recommendations

Take 2 capsules Daily.



Serving Size 2 capsules 30 Servings 
Amount Per Serving 
Ashwagandha KM-66  600mg
Magnesium Bigliciniate 400mg
Zinc Chelated 20mg
Copper Chelated 1mg

VitB6 20mg
VitB12 1mg


Other Ingredients