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VIDEO: Venom Tacky Trials Continue... Posted on 6 Apr 11:50 , 0 comments

We've been working hard at VenomTacky to keep testing the products out and ensure that we have one or two blends to get things moving. We trialed a few variations with Gareth Crow, an up and coming Opens competitor, and it's been a fair few months since he did this event so we weren't sure how things would go.
However, we didn't want to test the tacky out on a light stone. That would not teach us much. So we went with the 150kg. Luckily for us, in a slightly sadistic way, it was quite damp in the air with that fine mist you can't see on camera. So the stones were slightly damp and the weather was cold.
Here is a video of the session so you can see how we did!
Thanks to Simon Johnston for some tips along the way and thanks to Gareth for agreeing to be our guinea pig.