Girls who lift... a rant... and Venom Saltz Posted on 26 Feb 15:44 , 0 comments

Ok so not much new in my world other than to say that training has gone really well. All of the hard work refining technique is paying dividends when it comes to going for maximal type work. I’ll probably get around to writing up my programme one of these days (if enough people are interested) but suffice to say it is a culmination of 3 years work to get to the point of finding something that works well for me and is, most of all, an enjoyable challenge.

Girls who lift…

So this brings me to something which I’m very proud to announce… my fiancée Kerry is entering her first powerlifting competition in July with the GPC. This is a monumental challenge for Kerry who has gone from a bootcamp herbalife existence through to killing her body relearning how to squat and learn the deadlift to hitting a recent PB.

Now we all like to pick on herbalife don’t we; mainly because it’s snake-oil horseshit? But on this occasion, it’s had its use because Kerry can now tell other people how shit it is from her own knowledge. And stick two fingers up to her bootcamp instructors who seem to think you need to eat your own knees with virtually straight legs to squat properly.

Kerry still needs work on some flexibility to sit down in the deadlift and ensure her scapula is over the bar when she pulls to take advantage of her hobbit levers but I really think she has the potential to do better than me in strength sports. She has every advantage I don’t possess. So best of luck to her… the hard work is only just beginning.

Equipped vs. unequipped

This brings me roundly to a debate recently on Facebook with a rather odd argument that developed over raw vs. equipped lifting. My view is this, unless you’re Adam and Eve (or Steve) then you lift equipped. Sound silly? Yeah, well of course it does.

The fact is you lift WITHIN the rules of the competition you enter. If you don’t like the fucking rules, DON’T ENTER IT! Moreover, if you have a problem with the rules of a comp, run your own. It’s quite simple and that literally is where the argument should begin and end.

Juiced vs. unjuiced

Again, a rather fucking stupid argument if you’ve been party to recent convos on various facebook groups.

If you lift in a comp which BANS the use of performance enhancing drugs then DON’T DO DRUGS. If you compete in a comp which literally soaks the barbell in tren sweat then don’t bitch about how much your fellow competitor is on. It makes ZERO difference to how well you perform as an individual.

And if I read one more time about a strongman being “clean” on the day of a competition and this meant that he won the comp “clean” I’ll think I’ll explode in a fit of dianabolic rage. I don’t care if you’re a pub strongman or a WSM competitor. The moment you use gear you are NEVER clean. The muscle, nerves, bone, synapses, organs and other tissues all change permanently. You can never go back. You might pass a drugs test but this is irrelevant because people who used drugs 8 minutes ago can pass a test. Once you’ve used, you’re a dirty drug taking bastard.

Enough ranting…

Venom Saltz

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