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Well the launch of Strom Nutrition’s HQ/shop/hang out/batcave is nearly upon us. A great testament to hard work from lots of different people to get the whole thing off the ground. From meagre surroundings in Richard’s kitchen/shed to a retail store in a prime location is no mean feat. Big congrats to all.

This got me thinking about how we make a new start or take an idea and then run with it to a natural conclusion. Strength training, for many, begins in this way. We either want to change our body or our mindset. Or we set a new challenge for ourselves either by moving from one sport to another. Or maybe many of us take that step from being a gym rat to a competing athlete.

However you make that step, hard work is always the backbone. Frustration, commitment, resolve, focus. Make sure it’s something you enjoy though.


Well my training has been piecemeal due to moving house, illness, sorting out child access blah blah blah. I’m still nailing my big lifts though. Dreadful session at the Farm with legend Dave Meer and the guys but I came away learning more than hurting. It’s all progress whether physical or mental. Ant Brown helped fix up my deadlift form and I can now pull “back” more than “up” which if you notice on my previous video I tend to drive up a weight rather than sit back with it. I felt so much more comfortable so I’m hoping 320kg breaks in the next 3 months. That’s my target anyway (and 300kg for a set of 3).

Business plans

Well Venom Tacky is nearly up and running as a fully-fledged business. As always there are stumbling blocks but the key thing is February is going to be a busy month for the brand and lots of samples will be going out. A new secret formula, or brand-X, will be released in March time and was developed with the research of a Chemical Engineer. A few more tests and I think it will be ready.

Alongside this is a the release of Venom Saltz – a bottle of smelling salts to get you up for a big lift and in a double walled pot which means no leaking, no seeping, no “sweating” which kills the half-life of the product. It will also be fixed at a good price point considering the quality and size of the product.

I’m hoping that it will be taken up by lots of different athletes to get them up for a lift or people in general when they need focus. Brenda the dinner lady will be shovelling mash potato onto your plate quicker than shit flies off a shovel.

The work on a training drink is in the mix, if you pardon the pun (actually, no, you can’t pardon the pun because it is fucking genius). We’re looking at the summer time before this becomes available but it will be available through Strom for sampling so look out for that.


New meal plan goes into full swing from next Monday. Kerry and I will have moved house and we will finally have a freezer. No excuses then. I’ll be focusing on egg whites and meat as the backbone of my diet. The rest will be made up of homemade spicy tomato sauces, rice, cottage cheese, water, oxygen. You know, generally if it grew from the ground or ran/flew at some point it is ok.

Just need someone to tell me how to grow my own cottage cheese as I think it will be cheaper.

Strongman 101 posts

Well the strongman season enters into full swing soon. So I WILL get around to posting up a 3 part series about what you’re going to need at a comp or how I think people should prepare. But good luck to all in your prep.

I start back on the 9th of August at Tawarden’s Strongest Man comp… then a Manimal team event in Rotherham on the 15th before Tamworth’s Strongest Man on the 22nd where I’ll be vying for a podium finish of some kind. Then all focus will be on the England’s Strongest Man qualifiers in 2016.

*And yes, I’m quite aware that cottage cheese does not grow for fucks sake. You obviously have to hunt it.