Strongman 101 series Posted on 31 Dec 22:22 , 0 comments

Hi all,

Lots of New Year resolutions on Facebook and lots of people looking to not only get into strongman training but also get into competing which is great to see. Whether you're an amateur or pro, or an under 58kg female athlete or seasoned opens competitor... good luck with your training and staying injury free. Hope to see you at a comp in 2015.

Now, for those seasoned competitors it's quite easy to know exactly how to prepare for the day/weekend. For newbies and amateurs? Not so simple. So I'm going to write a three part series called Strongman 101.

This will cover what you need to get into strongman training and planning your training. The second part will cover what you need at the competition. The third will cover some useful tips I've picked up along the way. 

But seeing as many of you will be too pissed to read this sort of valuable information tonight... I'll wait till you're in a more coherent. Just please think of us committed and passionate trainees who have avoided alcohol tonight (or, rather, have been FORCED to because their partners have to work... but, err, yeah, I'm still committed).

Have a great night. Have an even greater 2015. And I wish you all the best for your future in strongman/strongwoman... and remember to get your training off to the best start by browsing the online shop here at Strom and grabbing a bargain.

Peace. And War.