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A little about me…

I’m 32, a Dad of 2 brilliant boys and engaged to a wonderful gal. Nothing marks me out as being anything special aside from what my family and friends see in me. If you meet me in the street, I’m easy going and have a dry witty sense of humour. Online I can be a little bit to the point. Knowledge wise, I want to know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING.

What I do, that marks me out as different to the average person, is that I compete in strongman. Yes; flipping tyres, picking up heavy shit, damaging my body in new and interesting ways… you get the drift.

I’ve torn muscle, broken bone, ripped ligament, dislocated limbs, thrown a bit of blood out of my nose under pressure. You could say I’m demented. You could argue I’m accident prone and shouldn’t be allowed within 100 feet of strongman equipment. I dunno. But it doesn’t mark me out as something special. Just different.

I’ve met a lot of good guys during my time in the sport. Met a lot of bad ones too. Such is life. I guess I take it to heart if someone doesn’t like me and thinks I’m one of the bad guys. But hey, can’t please everyone all of the time.

So have I achieved anything? Well, yes. Lots of personal goals. I started competing in 2013. Finished top 4th in my first novice show against a guys who have gone onto win comps (and one even lifted a 190kg log this year so the standard was good). Then I had a go at Bodypower where I finished 9th beating a friend in the process who everyone tipped to beat me.

Then I won England’s Most Powerful Man (novices… ssshhhhh) when EVERYONE I spoke to said I had no chance

What happened next was not so nice... I tore my shoulder up in three places (RC, labrum, bicep tendon) and the surgeon predicted I’d never lift anything overhead again. 8 months later, I popped up a 140kg press. I then competed 3 times starting off with a 20th place finish at Bodypower in the Heavies class against guys like Mariusz Lalas, Graham Hicks, Mick Brown, Adam Bishop… then went onto finish 4th behind a good friend Mark (who came second at the England’s comp I won) at Tamworths Strongest Man… then I finished 2nd at a Charity comp in Birmingham (although I dropped out of the points as I was guest lifting.. still, I beat some VERY good strongmen in that comp).

Anyway, I guess you could say I’m the type of guy who likes proving people wrong.

So what now? Well I’m back to blogging, keeping a video diary and aiming for a spot competing at Britain’s Strongest Man. I’m giving myself a 4 year plan to get there. And this blog will survive for as long as I stay the course or they get rid of me.

I train with some good guys and have trained with some of the best (Simon Johnston, Graham Hicks, Dave Meer, Mikey Lane, Stig Parker, Sean O'Hagan, Alex Curletto). So I've picked up a lot of knowledge along the way and I know what it takes to get to their level. As for whether I will...??? I'll give it a good go.

So what will this blog contain? Mainly my training thoughts, a bit of a weekly diary, some hints and tips, stuff I've learned, random philosophies and gym shit. Might talk a little about PEDS and peptides along the way... but if you have things you want to ask then please do and I'll create a weekly Q&A.

Big thanks to Richard Foster and Strom Nutrition for this platform. They are heading in the right direction that's or sure!

This is a timid start to what will be a brutal process. But I’m all about opinions and pissing people off it seems. But some of you might like to read the journey?

So let’s see how it goes...


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