Weight gain strategies - The first battle is in your head. Posted on 29 Oct 16:35 , 0 comments

Recently lots of people have complemented my offseason gains - I have managed to gain what I feel is considerable lean mass while staying with in the bounds of “lean” 
I don’t feel lean, after two years of loosing weight and the best part of a year striving to stay lean I feel like a big bloated mess, the biggest battle has been mentally, I don’t like being out of condition and often feel I’m going backwards to go forwards (which in many ways is the nature of the beast) 
I have managed to maintain a steady 115-118kg for the last month now and regain a little condition at it, thats 20kg up from show weight, obviously there has been a good deal of fluid and fat gain in there and i have a life outside of the gym as well, but with in the bounds of reasonable progress I can honestly say I’m over the moon with where I’m at - I just have to step away and look at things to realise it.
I try not to set weight targets as it can lead to gluttony, but if i can stick a few extra LB’s on before prep starts in January with out sacrificing anymore condition I would be very pleased
So - on to the ‘meat and potatoes’ of it (if you will excuse the pun) 
What has been my approach and why?
I never demonise any particular food group, but for the last year or so most of my personal dietary approaches have revolved the manipulation of my carbohydrate intake - through both the timing and qualities of them - with a moderate to high fat intake most of the time.
I decided to flip that on its head and go 80’s on its ass for no other reason than because its very different to what I had become comfortable with.
I have been aiming a very high protein intake - high Carbs and low fat, my average day stacks up like this.
On waking - Warrior greens and reds - 5g Boditronics creatine Mono
Meal 1 - 90g oats - 12 egg whites - 1 scoop Boditronics Just Protein 
Meal 2 - 300g turkey breast mince - 180g cooked jasmine rice or 200g sweet potato 
Meal 3 - 300g Very Lean Beef -  300g sweet potato 
Meal 4 - 1 serving Boditronics mass attack Juggernaut or if hungry 1.5 bagels and a serving Express Whey  
Preworkout - 1 serving VascuMAX 1 Serving Red Mist
Intraworkout - 1 serving Intracell - half scoop express carbs
Postworkout - Recover EX on legs and back or Express whey on smaller bodyparts
Meal 5 - 1 white wrap - 2 cans tuna 
Pre Bed - 1 tub low fat cottage cheese - 3 bodipure zinc and magnesium complex