Boditronics Mass Attack Lean - Jack of all gainz? Posted on 14 Oct 14:39

Mass Attack Lean -  


Is this something of an oxymoron? 


A product that promises only lean mass and strength gains with none of the fat gains, all in ones and mass gainers traditionally will contain lots of ‘added extras’ to help with performance and recovery they also contain a good amount of carbs and calories (80g for mass attack juggernaut and over 200g in the heavyweight version)

Carbs and calories help hugely with mass gains due to them being ‘protein sparing’ (this means they prevent protein being converted to fuel and leave it available to help build and repair muscle tissue) they also raise insulin to help push nutrients (of all types) in to storage, both in terms of muscle and adipose, great yes?! 

Yes absolutely, unless you are a heavy set mesomorph, your activity trying to reduce bodyfat, or you have an overly active appetite (I very much fall in to this category)

Mass attack lean gives you all of the performance components of an all in one mass gainer, but with only half the calories and a quarter the carbs of the Juggernaut alternative, a brilliant alternative with no compromises in performance. 

Richard Foster - Merchant of Gainz


What boditronics say:


All In One Muscle Building Formula

Mass attack is an elite muscle building formula when used in combination with training and nutrition plans. It contains everything your body needs to grow and recover to sustain muscle post workout. Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Profusion Reloaded is unrivalled in the market due to its exceptional nutritional profile, quality and taste.

* New & Improved Formula

* The Ultimate All In One Training Supplement

* Elite muscle building formula when combined with training & nutrition plans

* Contains a massive 8g of Creatine and 4g of Beta Alanine per 2 x daily serving

* A market leading 40g of protein per serving

* Unrivalled in the market – exceptional nutritional profile, quality and taste




Whey Protein Blend - High biological value protein - Creatine

Increases physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise.

Beta Alanine - A naturally occurring amino acid - MX Stack containing zinc, which contributes to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood.