Why your post workout protein shake is costing you gains. Posted on 28 Dec 21:47

I hear it all the time; in the gym, in the shop, even from uneducated members of my family. Everybody knows, it's simply a fact.

What am I referring to?

I am of course talking about the protein shake that has been broscienced in to you that you 'need' post work out...

When dieting I don't have anything post workout bar maybe some BCAA's and I didn't 'go catabolic' or whatever else I was told would happen. As it happens I'm a firm believer that when dieting your 24 hour intake is much more important than what goes in immediently around your workout. Your body is still repairing and burning fat the rest of the day, not just after the gym!

However, when we are bulking and trying to build maximum lean mass in as short an amount of time, pre, intra & post workout nutrition can become much more crucial. That said if the rest of your diet is junk your pissing into the wind regardless (but we can cover that another day!)

Post workout your bodys (massively simplified) priorities are as follows:

1) Replace glycogen stores (and rebalance electrolights if applicable).

2) Repair muscular damage.

3) Commence hypertrophy.

Obviously stage three is our goal. But the criteria for stage 1 and 2 must be met first.

Stage 1 - Replace glycogen.

This is where our broscience whey shake falls down. Although protein can be converted to glycogen it is a very slow process and very inefficient, it also prevents the protein being used to repair muscle and build mass.

A much better option at this stage is something like a high gi carb, aminos and some fast acting delactosed isolate protein such as:


This is one of our most popular products but there are many many products on the market. Lots of people choose to throw a scoop of maltodexrin in with their whey, which will work more effectively than just whey immediately post workout. All you need to focus on is getting those carbs in!

Stage Two - Repair muscular damage.
This requires getting both carbs and protein into your system. So either a proper balanced meal half an hour after your recovery shake or some whey works well at this vector.

Stage Three - Commence hypertrophy.
This is much more to do with your 24/7 diet approach. You must ensure you consistently hit your protein requirements to retain as postive a nitrogen balance as possible, as well as ensuring adequate calories from either carbs or fats to ensure the protein is able to be used as intended, rather than being wasted by being converted to glucose to run you!

This is where shake supplements and high protein snacks can become vital to ensuring you are growing right through the day and night!

is it working, you tell me?

In my next update I will take a more in depth look at nutrient requirements for various activities and simple ways to ensure you get in what you need!