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Who needs a dingle anyway? Posted on 15 Mar 10:44 , 0 comments

I have always felt like a strong female but had never tested it, I felt that the gym was not for me, I felt uncomfortable when going near any machine let alone the free weights.

I then met Rick, who was a strong man at the time, he introduced me to how to use different weights to get different results, my competitive nature took over.
I felt more powerful and self assured in the gym domain, who cares if i don't have a dingle? if i can lift then I have a right to be there!

Lots of interesting things have been going on in my training.I have managed to get my training days in around my busy work schedule; nothing beats training after a hard day at work, working out all the stress and negatives through lifting some iron.

My nutrition has been more consistent though trying to balance eating meals on time with working as a teacher can feel like an impossible task at times, however I managed a PB of 160kg without straps at 64 kgs BW. I don't always follow exactly what I am told or read but try to find what is comfortable for me and so far it’s paying off.

Now I just to need to get rid of the hitch!

Deadlifts and douches. Posted on 10 Feb 13:18 , 0 comments

Good news!

Strom is now fully open, the day was incredible, lots of motivated people packed into one room and I got to lift my atlas stone twice with the help from the Nic polley- getting the competitive juices flowing! Such fun!

I got to train with two very strong ladies in a local gym, and despite the gym telling us we should not wear work clothes (strom labelled gym clothes)it was a great session, swapping ideas and trying out new ways to workout.

Both ladies got many reps at 60 kg, a pb for one of the ladies who managed 26 reps. Very inspiring and helped drive my own training. With such heavy training sessions over the past four days I sought out a fav recovery product- the recovery ex splash from bodytronics. I do like protein shakes but can find after a good session a protein shake can lead me to feel bloated, the recovery product is like a squash and feels refreshing.

Apart from getting to wear some awesome new gym gear courtesy of Strom I was able to out fellow team mate Ben the badger Brunning at the Chinese in a plate challenge! I am feeling good and fueled up to keep on the steady progress I have been making to reaching and surpassing my previous bests.

Gym perspectives and interactions

What a strange place a gym is, you can interact and socialise with anybody from numerous walks of life and talk about something that though the goals are different, can be unifying. But can I say that whilst I welcome any advice and new perspectives from any person who lifts and a decent conversation about technique is always useful please don't assume that because I do not have male parts it means I need your poor advice that could lead to damage to my body in new and painful ways.


If someone's training and looks comfortable and happy, as long as they aren't going to immediately hurt themselves and if they are cracking on with determination, leave them alone, even if they have a lady garden... Especially if they have bigger muscles then you because they might actually know what they are doing. Rant over.

Stinky Mackerel Posted on 26 Jan 06:11 , 0 comments

It’s been a while…
Trying to balance the workload of an NQT and fit in the gym has been a massive struggle.

Whilst I get into the rhythm of my job the gym and diet has had to take a back burner.
Is this a common issue, fitting in the gym alongside a "normal non fitness orientated" job?

The lunch time stares as I whack out my protein shaker and stinky mackerel have not gone unnoticed, however i’ll ignore the quips of “if you drink that stuff you get big and bulky”
I wish it worked that way I tell them with a sardonic smile.

Life is never going to be less busy, lets face it so its priority time, whilst my job is fantastic and fulfilling I love lifting and I want to achieve and progress physically as well as professionally.

The word balance gets thrown around but I think it’s a case of spinning plates and accepting that sometimes the plates will come off and you just have to pop them back on and try again.

So I have jumped on the bandwagon that team strom seemed to leading, after all I can't be the only person not on the gainz train!
Whilst I work five days a week from half 7 to six I will be trying to eat cleaner and make healthier choices though I'm sure a choccy bar might accidentally fall into my prepared meals for the day ( theres nothing like a bit of chocolate to make teaching a bit easier).

As a result of scheduling my training will fall on four consecutive days a week (Friday through Monday) with a workout twice on a Saturday.

Bed will be calling my name early most nights and I might not have the most thrilling social calendar but at this point in my life I think I'm okay with that as long as my deadlift improves!

Is it possible to progress on this kind of regime? I see no reason why not! I'm planning on some one rep max attempts in around four weeks to watch this space!

Pumps N Pressing Posted on 2 Jan 21:09 , 0 comments

So the New Year started off with a chest session, helping to get past any left over grogginess from the tequila margarita I had inhaled the night before.  It was a pump session with an aim to stretch the fascia in the short term and make me some weight gainz in the long term.

 I was given a Superpump 3.0 sample ( Get it here! ) and boy did it work (although I cant say I enjoyed the taste!) , I felt a buzz and fueled up to attack the session, I definitely got a pump, a feeling which i have always found intensely weird but its beneficial to my growth so I stick with it, pushing on until i can hardly move my hair out of my eyes my arms feel so full!

This is 15kg Dumbbell press, previously was only using 10kg as I was getting back into training, but today I felt strong so decided to push myself out of comfort zone to see what I could do, pressing has always been a weakness for me but but I'm hoping by focusing more on hypertrophy for a few months i should be able to build some more size which will give me lots of loverly new muscle tissue to convert in to explosive bench power!


I like to see how I feel in a session, which can be affected by so many things ( pre workouts, tiredness, stress, other people training and general life) and try and change up one aspect of the planned session to keep things dynamic so to speak - keep my body guessing in an attempt to avoid falling into a training plan rut, at the moment this seems to be working for me!



As an aside… as its new year an all, I don't know about anyone else but I get massive chocolate cravings leading to a general feeling of disappointment and rubbishness. After some searching I found this, might be useful for someone else if they struggle with their sweet tooth like me.


Don't take this as gospel but it is has helping reduce my general chocolate input!

See you in the gym!