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Progression is about more than the mirror Posted on 28 Oct 11:05 , 0 comments

I noticed something the other day, working with children I try to focus on positives from the day, be that work, behaviour or good thinking. What I didn't realise is what I was doing, I was complimenting boys on what they were doing more often and complimenting girls on what they looked like as they came through the classroom door. 

In my defence... I have no defence, a product of my environment. I have tried to rectify this, why do I focus on how a girl looks as a positive to start the day. I took a look at my fb, Instagram account and realised that any picture/ video of me lifting heavy- with good technique or not has not got as many likes or interest as a picture of me doing nothing, just stood maybe flexing a small bicep. 

Whilst I enjoy sharing my progression, not just in strength but physical changes too it makes my stomach churn that the way I look is more valued by general people than that the fact I can shift some heavyish weight.   Perhaps this is a reflection of what is deemed acceptable by society, change the way you look to a point that is cool but do something different like lift heavy, not so cool. 

Maybe I have too much time to think but I would like to think that I am not only trying to improve my physical abilities but also my inner self, that is to say be a better version of me using something I enjoy to motivate that. 

I will try and compliment different positives for the children in my class and I will try to recognise and remain on the path I want to travel and not be fooled into a sense of self through vapid anonymous encouragement aka the social media opinion.