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Powerlifting! Posted on 1 Aug 10:32 , 0 comments

So I had my first federation powerlifting comp organised by the Tania George and the GPC. The comp was called “no dumbelles”, a glorious pun for a female only lifting competition. I have done a few push and pulls, which have been conducted to a powerlifting standard of lifting but not a whole day, especially with the strict regulations in place.

Luckily I had filled my pro stack with many goodies including my Boditronics RedMist - Intracell and Recover EX


It was a great day and a fantastic experience, I love strong women and I think that is what I will always want to compete in but seeing the amazing quality of the lifting from the different ladies I want to incorporate that into my lifting.  So I can lift 170 from the floor, now I want to learn how to do it cleanly. Unfortunately I didn’t get the numbers that reflect my actual strength in the competition due to bad habits I have picked up over the years. I try and see this as a positive, a new challenge, not just chasing the numbers but also chasing the quality. 

 What struck me about strong women and powerlifting is the support given from other competitors, support workers and even other coaches! People were offering me equipment, food, drink and more importantly tips. I didn’t go to the comp to win as I knew I didn’t have the technique to reflect my strength… yet… so it was a relaxed day for me. Other ladies did an amazing job, a lady I met a few years ago got numerous British records and is competing in the worlds competition in a few short months. She is bear strong and a normal everyday lady!

Its good to be a part of these competitions and recognise that actually there are women like Tania George who are pushing women’s strength to be recognised and encouraging it to be picked up by the normal everyday lady.

 Though lifting weights should come with a warning- lifting leads to numerous side effects; confidence, knowledge, connections, a way to deal with stress, experience and happiness that can seep into your everyday life. 

You have been warned.