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Can I have it all please and can you make it a bit easier? Posted on 9 Jul 10:16 , 0 comments

I am sure that my parents didn't have as hectic a life as I seem to, at least not from my perspective as a six year old.

Since when has life gotten so busy? I don't seem to even have time for the simple things like saying hello to my neighbour! I love training and I mostly enjoy teaching - the first year is so hard that new stats show most NQTs don't make it past five years due to burnout, this crazy balance of work and life just seems so dam hard. 

So with all the plates spinning precariously over my head all of the time I have had many cringe worthy moments as some threaten to hit the floor.

I am not performing the best as work and work is so busy I don't get time to eat as regularly as I should for training, something I'm only really starting to appreciate the importance of now my training is really starting to progress, but I do have some time for myself, with a new training regime I am only training four nights and at work I have a priority list so I can sometimes lure myself into a false sense of actually achieving some progress through the list and take a night off every now and then.

I get asked at work"how do you have the energy to train" the answer is often I don't!

Mentally drained from my job sometimes I just want to go to bed. However not only do I have an awesome training partner I wouldn't want to let down, going to the gym is the only way I cope with my job.

Lifting weights, be it heavy or for reps depending on the program is just plain cathartic. Do I look or sound like a douche sometimes? certainly! do I care when cardio monkeys giggle at us? hell no! They have their sanctuary and I have mine, mine just comes with strength gains and a massive confidence boost.  

All in all I have to say a massive thank you to the boditronics crew as without their products like red mist I can honestly say a lot more plates would have been smashed over the last few months

Perspective Posted on 5 May 08:26 , 0 comments

Its crazy how your perspective can change in such a short amount of time, In less than two years my perspective on a healthy body, my body has radically changed.
I feel like that's a positive thing as whilst I have never been a larger person ,my weight has fluctuated with life but I have never felt "fit" or "healthy".
I feel strong at the moment and I think my outward appearance is beginning to show that, I realised that whilst I am working out, people look, veins suddenly appear and my muscles seem to get pumped at the slightest encouragement.
I was working shoulders and looked at myself closely, do I want to look like this, will I be judged as being less feminine for retaining muscle and what would my family think? 
Well it took me a few days to really think about what I find important, life is short and lots of people look how they think they should, how they think society wants them to look, to be acceptable. 
Am I really bothered if people choose to judge me for what I choose to look like?
The fact is I judge people for what they look like, often because they have chosen not to look after themselves or have decided that they simply can't change because of this or that reason. 
I am working hard to drop these judgements and assumptions, something we all know we should do but often struggle with and I'm trying to just focus on my own choices.
Following on from one of my previous blogs though, I have found a training partner! Another lady who lifts much heavier and who looks like she lifts, so much so I look positively lacking in any muscle, it also helps that she is one of the top prep female prep coaches in the country, I won't name drop but I have never been more fired up for and focused on training.
What I found very beneficial in gaining this very small amount of muscle is recovery, rest days and lots of sleep. I have found that if i “overtrain” and do not get any type of rest days actually my growth seem limited as well as feeling completely knackered.
As I train late at night, after work I can sometimes feel quite wired from the gym, though I try to get a bath or shower in to help me to relax to aid sleep it doesn't always work. 
I have gone through stages of ‘borrowing’ without ricks knowledge many of his sleep aids as its been a continual issue for him, including the RC Signature series products and Ricks own concoction, While they all work, they leave me feeling a little drowsy in the morning and working with kids doesn't leave much room for a sleepy brain!
My training partner suggested taking ZMA supplements, I had no idea what they were but thought they were worth a go, Zinc Magnesium complex with Vitamin B6 which Boditronics very kindly provided me with.
So far its helped me have a nice sleep and wake up with refreshed rather than a groggy mess until 11am this means not so much sleepy brain for the children but also more gains for the jess! 
I am just over ten days out from body power and my current supplementation regime is as follows:
On waking - 1 Serving Boditronics Mass Attack Evo, 5g Creatine on rest days.
PreWorkout - 1 Serving RedMistv2
IntraWorkout - 1 Serving Intracell
PostWorkout - 1 Scoop Recover EX
PreBed - 1 Serving ZMA, 1 scoop Express whey in some low fat yogurt.