Enjoy the Journey - It is where you will spend most of your time. Posted on 2 Feb 15:38 , 0 comments

Turning 29...that's fun and does not make you think about the future at all...

Okay, it's definitely an eye opener, whilst I realise I am not old I am definitely not "young or
adolescent" anymore. Reflecting on how I lift and look now makes me feel proud though I have
days of going "bloody hell"(I am pretty sure this is normal in the vast majority of the female population - not just the lifters)

But I'm enjoying the journey

A journey I think that will change as I change, I meet lots of fitness people at all different stages of their journey's when I am in gym and the shop, lots of these people are at the start of their fitness journey.

Unfortunately unless you are a genetic master everything takes time, many of these people will say they want to achieve (insert photo of incredible physic - often a fitness model of other athlete here)

Rome was not built in a day. (I know - cliché but true)

It takes more then three months to be a bodybuilder/power lifter/strong person.

Enjoy the journey as it lasts for years and the destination (if your goal is to compete) may well only be a single day.