Strongwoman and strength training - fuel your journey Posted on 1 Dec 10:05 , 0 comments

Good day! I hope all are experiencing many gains and enjoying the lifting.

I am very happy as I managed to move a 200kg yoke for twenty metres, though this is mixed with sadness as the event itself was not recorded due to equipment failure.

I could not even lift 160 a year ago and it is not something I have had much experience with.

I have to attribute this to both my training Sarah partner along with the knowledge of my life partner Rick, via osmosis I have become aware of the importance of eating to fuel my body. 

Which leads me to...
Carbs.... Apparently this is a bad word!?

However it's carbs that's are your body preferred energy source and have helped me lift heavy so they can't be that bad for you - there is of course an argument against very sedentary people having high carb diets, but if your training for performance they must be an integral comment of your diet.

Whilst I understand that you body can indeed run off fats from a keto style diet - I have no time for the days of foggy brain until your body switches to using fats for fuel.

Carbs baby, are my fuel of choice,  I have had some people at work (who are interested in lifting) ask me how I have energy enough to train - bear in mind these are educated people.

They often state they don't like sugar "as it is bad". I agree in vast quantities sugar will be bad for your health but when timed properly can help your body to perform effectively in fitness tasks. 

Stop listening to woman's mags they say " eat less be healthier" screw that - eat whole foods when you can more often and fuel that machine you are using - I do however massively struggle to fit whole foods into my diet, often getting only three small meals a day, when training this is simply not enough for me, especially as if i try to increase the portion sizes I get issues with bloating.

So I cheat, I use supplements like carb powders, protein shakes ( )  and bcaa's this does not make me a man, these are not mysterious compounds that when mixed together will turn you into a she hulk!

These are nutrients that fuel the basic building blocks of your body, help your body recover and increase your effective workouts, simply packaged in a form that makes my life easier at the moment due to my ever increasingly hectic schedule!

Stop being scared people and look into how to support your body not starve it.