Limitations Posted on 28 Sep 14:08 , 0 comments

Well, the six weeks is over and I am back at work! woohoo...
So success in my bulking, feeling good and hitting just over 75kgs, this has been done with good whole foods, Mass Attack Heavyweight and Juggernaut and of course the cookie dough ice cream timed perfectly around my workout and sometimes for breakfast.
Thinking about the competitions coming up and how far my strength has developed over the last 8 months since training again,  thanks to a great training partner and a bit more focus on what I want to do it seems to be coming together.
I do regret that it has taken this long to get to where I am - I don't mean what I have achieved or the job I have but how comfortable I feel just being myself and deciding what I want from life. We had a chat in the shop about what we would tell our younger selves. 
I had a long think and I would say don’t limit your self, don’t feel limited to what other people expect from you or the way they want to lead their lives. For years I tried to fix in a box for my “friends”, I let myself down doing this and I realised at the end of the day you are the only one who can make yourself happy in what ever way that means.
Also it helps to lift heavy, I may not be the strongest but I dam well enjoy it and will carry on until I don't anymore.