All about the numbers  Posted on 15 Sep 10:15 , 0 comments

In strength its all about numbers so I can mark my progress of what I can now lift compared to what I was able to lift, pretty simple and keeps any head wobbles to a minimum.
Though Wwhilst relaxing in the shop I was talking to a friend about taking progress pictures, it’s hard to know how different  you have look without having something to compare. I hadn't realised I looked any different compared to when I started.
This is something I would suggest anyone to do even non bodybuilders, though maybe not feel the desire to show everyday progress via instagram.
Lets be honest guys one day will not show a great deal of difference unless you are shredded to the high heavens & I am pretty sure may lead to deflation of ego and damage to progress.
People that I haven't seen in a while stated I looked Buff, as previously stated I have been called butch whilst on a night out recently. I take this  (being called Buff) as a compliment and I am sure it was meant as one. My perspective has changed and working in Ricks shop day to day has left me to be exposed to a wide variety of people all of whom are at different stages of a journey of they're choosing. I have the upmost respect for these people who have a goal and are trying to take the steps to achieve this goal.
What does happen often and is frustrating is the reaction that at the start of the journey the amount of misinformation or little knowledge that people have which will hinder their progress to their goals.
I think this is a form of naivety, people (especially with bodybuidling) will often say they want to be like Kai Green or Dana Linn Bailey or even the size of my partner (who isn't particularly big, but is still the product of a good amount of years work).
Its unrealistic and is likely to turn them off when they don't see immediate results, It’s easier if you're chasing numbers but even that can be pie in sky sometimes!  It takes years to build any sort of muscle mass for someone who has not trained before, genetics and nutrition have an enormous effect, please don't take a photo telling me you're an athlete or competitor when you have just started your journey, it belittles the achievement of those who have reached a level of achievement by partaking in competitions or have take years to build their size.
This leads on to a strange discussion and one I want to be clear on as it is just my opinion, I am a sponsored athlete, it feels strange to say, intact its something that I tend not to talk about.
Luckily the company that had decided to sponsor me have products that I have been using for a long time and which really work well with my training and have increased my performance in training and competitions. The ethos of the company is something that fits well into my own perspective of how things should be, being a good quality product that is reasonable priced. 
I am lucky to be sponsored but did not seek it out and I certainly would have not dared to seek it out before actually competition and reaching some of my own goals. 
Have a goal, start a journey but appreciate the hard work you will have to put in to reach it not just take semi naked photos and expect people to be wowed.
Respect yourself so others can too.
And just for irony... here is my latest progress photo.