Britains disabled strongman 2015 Posted on 2 Sep 10:42 , 0 comments

Recently I had the honour of attending Britain's strongest disabled man man in the Northwood stadium.
This event was run by Gary Clarke who also participated! It was fantastic watching these men battle it out for the title. They all poured every ounce of effort into each event and despite different  and sometimes difficult circumstances performed brilliantly. I was able to be amongst the competitors and watched as they supported each other and cheered yeah other on. 
The competition was run well and the legend that is Magnus Ver Magnusson was reffing for the day.
To say I was excited was an understatement, I remember watching clips of his performances and just being in awe.
However like at body power I tend to embarrass myself in any situation invovling and famous person, Mr Magnusson had asked us to help sell his T shirts during the competition as he was busy reffing. Very happy to do so but had to keep the money in a bucket as we didn't have anything else to use. Upon his arrival back to the stand he enquired “what is this” (imagine an icelandic accent) pointing at said bucket. Not realising he probably was trying to find out where the money was being kept i replied rather unknowingly in a sarcastic tone  “a bucket”. he did not look impressed and proceeded to walk off to carry on reffing. I turned around and Sarah ( my partner in crime for the day) was wetting herself as my idiocy strikes again... O joy, at least he may remember who I am, though probably not kindly. 
Please see for the legend that is Magnusson. 
One thing I was surprised to see was the lack of nutrition occurring during the event, it was the first of its kind in the UK but a lot of the competitors were old hats at competing. Don't get me wrong there were sweets and flapjacks galore but very little uptake. 
This has been the biggest change in my competitions, using different nutrition to fuel my lifts and improve my performance. I will alway maintain intracell ( ) is essential to improving not just my performance in competitions but during workouts and even during the workday.  
During the competition I mentioned that my partner was a nutritionist to a gentlemen, at a later point whilst drinking a lucazade I was asked if I am allowed to drink it due to it having sugar. I understand that the general publics view of sugar is very negative, but as we were training I was getting carbs in to improve my gym session.
Nutirtion is key in all sports but especially in strength and bodybuilding and basic understanding of this seems to be missing or misconstrued from information from the internet.
Personally I either discuss with my partner or use academic articles online, avoiding sites that anyone can write information on and definitely try to research around anything someone tells me is “good advice”.