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The joy of joys for the six week holidays, I have spent a few weeks completing work and also working in Rick’s supplement shop ‘Strom’. They say a change is as good as a rest!


Well, my body seems to agree, alongside the different training programme developed by the awesome Sarah ‘Showtime’ Whitney, and eating all the pizza (my nutrition left the building a few weeks ago, I am definitely not advocating eating crap) but due to the amount I train and going “vagina to the wall” with it (female version of ‘balls to the wall’?) I have managed to put on size that is mostly muscle (said with all the fingers and toes crossed).  


Now I have recovered my brain and can actually function like a normal adult I will be getting back on plan, and if I can resist the ever tempting cookie dough ice-cream… I will try….I may attempt to actually lean up. Who knows, stranger things do happen!


I have blogged about how I look previously- it’s started to feel like I'm a bit obsessive but I feel the need to share this story.  As I have said I am carrying a little bit of mass, some of it fat (around the stomach) and some of it muscle. I can live with this as I am lifting better now than I have been. What I found incredulous and to occur for the first time in a non-lifting environment is another woman telling me ( and a friend who I was out with) “ Oh yeah I noticed you come in (into a local club) and thought you looked butch”.


Can I just say… What the hell? And thank you! 


Firstly, What the hell! Mainly for implying that the way I have chosen to look and worked hard to look is in any way manly or unattractive and that somehow you have the right to comment and put your negativity onto me. 


Secondly… Why thank you for noticing my gains. I am proud of my little biceps, traps, quads and ice cream tummy. I have worked hard for them all and they have in turn helped me recognise I can do what I want and be who I want. I am worthwhile because I try. 


Now being the ever so polite English person I refrained from saying what I thought of the woman, I merely left her presence. I will use the cathartic energies of the gym to release the frustration and anger I have and increase my gain-age. 


You say Butch. I say I know what I want.