The Aftermath and negative energy! Posted on 29 Jun 11:05 , 0 comments

The day after the competition ( ) I was lucky enough to help out at the strongman/woman competitions for the rest of the weekend, I got to rub shoulders with some of the best strongmen in the world (I don't want to name drop... Terry Hollands, Rob Frampton, Brian Shaw...) and watch some flipping strong women compete!
It really amazed me the amount of support and thought everyone put in, everyone was there to win  but they did their damnedest to ensure everyone tried their hardest. 
This was a really positive experience for me, not only did I get to meet some like minded individuals it helped my training partner spot my weakness's and being the extremely clever lady she is, she used this information to make me stronger and less likely to break, good news!
With the support of my every knowing partner Mr Rick I have tried to maintain a slightly healthy more lifter style diet with the occasional ice cream to make me stronger.
The constancy in my diet has been down to my use of mass attack juggarnaught to bring up my calories in the morning, it is an all in one lean mass gainer, containing protein, carbs from oats and barely, creatine, bcaa's and lots of other stuff to help me recover as best I can.
Drinking calories might not be optimal but it fits into my lifestyle as practically as possible, rick made me the same amount of calories in food one morning and I simply couldn't get it down!
What I have got better at is implementing a little more structure to my nutrition around my training.
I find that if I have not eaten well close to training it directly impacts on my training and leading to me having minimal gains and a pants session leaving me bummed out for the rest of the day! 
What I have noticed with my nutrition and training being more purposeful is the change to my body as I have said before I now slightly resemble someone who lifts, although I am small compared to my partner in crime Sarah and in everyday clothes I think I look pretty “average” to the passer by.
However stood in front of the mirror, to me, there is a massive difference to how I looked a year ago, I can see my lats and back growing, my biceps and triceps are bigger and I have serrates and the beginnings of a lower back christmas tress! I didn't even know what they were a year ago. 
As a result of this I have people asking me questions about the lifting and nutrition and I always say I am not qualified but I can say what has worked for me, though it may not work for you. People always seem disappointed like I have a secret drink that makes you stronger.
I often hear “ I don’t have time for the gym” but in the same conversation they tell me about the new series of breaking bad or games of thrones they have watched. No judgement, everyone has things in their life that makes them happy but what ever you do especially any sport do it with commitment and passion if you want to achieve anything worthwhile. 
I say this all the time to Sarah  that I would never dream of giving out any specific advice or training anyone, I will always send them to someone I think is more knowledgable.
Not everyone seems to think like this and unfortunately it is women I have seen suffer on more than one occasion, I have seen women being taught to squat in the most terrible ways and they just look confused at how uncomfortable the movement is.
If you want advice realise that any knowledge is attainable just be careful who you ask, for example choose someone who has years of training and living in it (this person may or may not look especially lean or big) not someone who has a piece of paper after a two day course( who could be shredded but not have a clue). 
Rant over, think I need to hit the gym to dispel all this negative energy