Dieting, Discipline and Deadlifts! Posted on 4 Apr 09:09 , 1 comment

I have started a dreaded diet; kind of….
Rick suggested that as my training is going well and that I have a short period off work perhaps trying to improve performance by using effective nutrition might be the next step. 
In my head I eat quite well but I do enjoy chocolate every now and again and have said that I would rather eat a chocolate bar than worry about abs.  However the temptation of improving my lifts by eating at specific times seemed like an achievable option. 
Rick managed to design a diet that utilised food items I eat regularly but split it two five different timings everyday.
I have never felt so hungry! I am eating 2600 calories each day, for a lean bulk, which is probably more than I usually eat.
From my limited understanding of it, as I am eating regularly through the day instead of larger portions at irregular times my metabolism is having a mini kick up the butt and it is working harder, though it seems to be working I had no idea how hard it could be, food has never been something I have given much thought other than getting some carbs and protein in post workout.
I don't know how Rick has managed to diet so long, he does become grumpy and my usual come back is “ you have chosen to do this”..
But I think this have given me a better perspective on just how hard this is for people and maybe I can be  more understanding next time he is grumpy as he is hungry. 
I am enjoying this mini excursion into nutrition and so far I feel good in my training from it, achieving a double at 150 in deads on Wednesday. I think I will carry it on when I  return to work supplementing my second meal for a mass attack to get those calories in quickly, I have even got my self a six pack bag so I can take my gym stuff, food, shaker and laptop to work with me, much to Ricks amusement as I have constantly teased him about his!
I have always said that I don't have the determination for a diet, though thinking about those gains is keeping me off the chocolate so far…
In other news, Boditronics (A company who have been very supportive of Rick and who's products I have been a fan of for some time) have agreed to support me in my efforts in powerlifting and strongwoman over the next few months.

The products I have been using from them up until this point are as follows:
Mass Attack Juggernaut - a Lean all in one strength and mass gainer, hugely convenient in my role as a teacher when getting meals in isn't always possible! 
Red Mist v2 Preworkout - Properly doses, not overly 'Buzzy' great for hard sessions after a long week!
Intracell - Intraworkout with BCAA's, Electrolights and other goodies, helps me train longer and harder, the biggest benefit I get from this is a huge reduction in 'DOMS' post work out soreness which is crucial when you have only limited chances to workout and often haven't had 'proper' recover time.
And finally Recovery EX - Fast acting carbs and whey Isolate, I notice a huge increase in recovery when using this over just a protein shake and as its more of a juice than a milk shake I find it more refreshing