Who needs a dingle anyway? Posted on 15 Mar 10:44 , 0 comments

I have always felt like a strong female but had never tested it, I felt that the gym was not for me, I felt uncomfortable when going near any machine let alone the free weights.

I then met Rick, who was a strong man at the time, he introduced me to how to use different weights to get different results, my competitive nature took over.
I felt more powerful and self assured in the gym domain, who cares if i don't have a dingle? if i can lift then I have a right to be there!

Lots of interesting things have been going on in my training.I have managed to get my training days in around my busy work schedule; nothing beats training after a hard day at work, working out all the stress and negatives through lifting some iron.

My nutrition has been more consistent though trying to balance eating meals on time with working as a teacher can feel like an impossible task at times, however I managed a PB of 160kg without straps at 64 kgs BW. I don't always follow exactly what I am told or read but try to find what is comfortable for me and so far it’s paying off.

Now I just to need to get rid of the hitch!