Being pushed - Boulder Shoulders and making the most of what you have Posted on 17 Feb 11:39 , 0 comments

Training for four days a week, though tough to balance with work seems to be getting me to gainzville, slowly but surely.  


My lifts are progressing back up to where they need to be and my muscle memory is helping my body return to looking how it did last year, prehaps even a little bit better dare I say? 


I have stepped up my supplement and nutritional regime, its hard to ignore the results the boys have been getting recently from nailing everything down!

Im using Boditronics Isowhey through the day to help hit my protein macros and splash recovery post workout to make sure I'm not too sore the next day at work, the quick hit of carbs aminos and protein helps prevent me from crashing to hard after a big session too. I am also using Redmist pre workout to help me get over any tiredness before my workout and to help chase that 'pump' (which I still strongly dislike for the record!) this combined with doing a little meal prep to ensure I'm getting a good balance of nutrients through out the day has helped me progress well despite a busy schedule!

With this in mind and after an extremely hectic week I had the best ever shoulder session on Saturday night, I did the usual pre workout, one scoop of redmist with 150 mL of water. I made sure I had my Intra-workout as I always feel like I do better when using a intra-workout (currently Intracell by boditronics again but i do chop and change this) to keep my energy up during the session and unlike a bottle of Lucozade actually supports muscle recovery, bonus!

What made this session especially good was being pushed on by someone who knows my capabilities, I happened to be at the gym with fellow Strom monkey Mr Fox, who is a powerlifter and focuses on strength and conditioning.

Under Mr Fox's Guidance I couldn't get away with just doing my normal 3/4 sets of 8-10. I was made to pause the weights and lower them slowly, I was made to squeeze out that extra rep, there were drop sets, super sets and all sorts of horridness, but i cant deny it was effective!

It wasn't a heavy session but it felt like I had worked harder then I had before in my normal shoulder routine, I learnt new ways to activate the muscle group and as it’s not a particularly strong area I learnt how to push my muscles using pause reps.

Massive thank you to the fox, hopefully my upper body strength is well on the way to matching my lower body and I'm also hoping to put some of the principles in to practice in my other sessions!