Stinky Mackerel Posted on 26 Jan 06:11 , 0 comments

It’s been a while…
Trying to balance the workload of an NQT and fit in the gym has been a massive struggle.

Whilst I get into the rhythm of my job the gym and diet has had to take a back burner.
Is this a common issue, fitting in the gym alongside a "normal non fitness orientated" job?

The lunch time stares as I whack out my protein shaker and stinky mackerel have not gone unnoticed, however i’ll ignore the quips of “if you drink that stuff you get big and bulky”
I wish it worked that way I tell them with a sardonic smile.

Life is never going to be less busy, lets face it so its priority time, whilst my job is fantastic and fulfilling I love lifting and I want to achieve and progress physically as well as professionally.

The word balance gets thrown around but I think it’s a case of spinning plates and accepting that sometimes the plates will come off and you just have to pop them back on and try again.

So I have jumped on the bandwagon that team strom seemed to leading, after all I can't be the only person not on the gainz train!
Whilst I work five days a week from half 7 to six I will be trying to eat cleaner and make healthier choices though I'm sure a choccy bar might accidentally fall into my prepared meals for the day ( theres nothing like a bit of chocolate to make teaching a bit easier).

As a result of scheduling my training will fall on four consecutive days a week (Friday through Monday) with a workout twice on a Saturday.

Bed will be calling my name early most nights and I might not have the most thrilling social calendar but at this point in my life I think I'm okay with that as long as my deadlift improves!

Is it possible to progress on this kind of regime? I see no reason why not! I'm planning on some one rep max attempts in around four weeks to watch this space!