Indy Progress

The trials and tribulations of a Tupperware user. Posted on 14 Aug 09:13 , 0 comments

Ok, my name is Martin Kerr and I’m a Tupperware user. It started highbrow with nice tubs and then as my reusable plastic tub needs grew, I descended in to madness, Asking my friends to keep old take away tubs for me with near euphoric glee, big, small, round or rectangle I didn’t care I just needed to have them! Phew, OK, I feel better for getting that off my chest.

For the most part I adore the whole food prep thing, I actually really enjoy the plastic tubs (perhaps not as much as I implied in the intro but still) in fact I just invested in a Sixpack bag and frankly I love it! (Unnecessary? Yeah, I can’t argue that but I can argue that it is awesome and I think it’s important to reward yourself every once and a while.)   There is no greater feeling than getting to the end of the day and looking at those lovely precise meals all stacked up and ready to be consumed the next day. The process reminds me that I’m focused and driven about what I’m doing. After all diet is such a large part of changing your body (regardless of goal). There is almost a bizarre sense of achievement at the end of each day that says, ‘OK you have worked hard today now rest easy and smash it again tomorrow.’

However it’s not always a fun road to travel, I’ve found myself at a few social events lately and there is a range of responses that I have been met with.  The majority of people just shoot you a weird look and I’m ok with that because its 2015 and the lunchbox has only just been invented, so I can understand their confusion.

Some meet me with misguided sympathy twinned with understanding and support, with lines like “oh, sorry you can eat what we are eating, but you’re doing great”. This is nice, as I say the sympathy part is a little misguided as I like cooking so none of food looks nor tastes like gravel. In fact at one of the social gatherings I had people asking how I had flavoured my mince as it “looks and smells incredible”.

The last response is the one that confuses me; it is one of unrelenting negativity. It tends to be an (usually) unfunny joke followed by desperate attempts to get you to indulge in food that doesn’t fit your plan with such informed lines as “well one (insert temptation here) won’t hurt”. Of course there are two courses of action here. One, ignore it. Two, explain that the food they have proposed doesn’t in fact meet you dietary requirements for the day and as your diet works based on putting the correct nutrients in your body at the correct time to most effectively use the fuel sources that the body is presented with. Of course option two is usually met with a glazed expression followed by “yeah but it’s just one (insert temptation here)”. I don’t tend to go into eateries or stop people on their lunch break and tell them that they shouldn’t eat what’s in front of them, as I would like to propose they eat something that is worse for them. When you say it like that it’s almost borderline insane!

When I get the negative response I have to resist the urge to be rude. Instead I politely chuckle at the unfunny joke and say something to the effect of “oh no, I’m OK but thanks”, usually through slightly gritted teeth. I remind myself of how hard I have worked, and remind myself that I didn’t get up at 7am to get breakfast done then go to bed at 11:30 to allow time to prep all of meals for the following day. I didn’t do my morning cardio until my lungs burnt and my afternoon weights till my arms couldn’t lift anymore for nothing. I’m on a road that they just clearly don’t understand. A road that allows me to become better, healthier, stronger, leaner and happier. Those little red tubs filled with my prepped food at the end of the day are the constant reminder that I am driven and achieving the things I want to. I’ve worked hard day in and day out with highs and lows, sweat and aching muscles and frankly I don’t think that one (insert temptation here) is worth it.


So once again my name is Martin Kerr, I’m a Tupperware user, and I would not change that for the world.