What is the point? Posted on 4 Aug 15:37 , 0 comments

It may seem painfully obvious that this question is important. But even with that being said, what’s the point?

Unless you happen to know me personally, it is your interest in (or trying to get knowledge about) fitness, training or nutrition that brought you here.  So you could be a seasoned body building vet with trophies galore or a strong man able to lift things that most people look at and think ‘we need to get a crane to move that’.  Of course the list of incredible, awe inspiring things that people can achieve is near endless, however, regardless of whether or not you can run at the speed of sound and leap tall buildings in a single bound, or whether you get out of breath watching the football, the question is ‘what is the point?’

The level of dedication, hard work and focus required in taking a handle on your diet and exercise is almost inconceivable. Tens of hours a week spent in the gym (or chosen place of sport/fitness activity) and the same again prepping food! This is on top of keeping in the good books at work, keeping partners happy, and in some cases evening being a parent!

 It is a dizzying cycle of serving sizes, supersets and supplements that for the most part is challenging, engaging and in a bizarre way, I’d even dare say enjoyable.  I’m not writing a particular article to talk about the highs as such, though the highs in themselves can be a good reason to face a bad day. I want to know what the point is.

On the rare day when the energy is low, the mind is tired, and the body aches, what is it that gets you to dig your heels in and push for that extra rep or minute of cardio? When you are on the brink of saying “You know what? Ordering a pizza and ignoring all of this is the easy way! I’m going to stick to that”, and that internal voice screams the reason to keep going and avoid the easy and usually quite tasty choice, what does it say?

For me it is probably similar to a lot of people, I am currently hugely overweight (not as much as when I started but there is still a long road to travel) sure I want to change that and I’m not going to lie a part of that is that I just don’t want to look like this anymore.  I am bored of having to order t-shirts from the internet due to a lack of sizes stocked in high street stores. I want to look like I believed I could when I was a kid watching wrestling with my family, being slack jawed and excitement filled by these insane looking, strong and athletically gifted demi-super-heroes of the wrestling world (plus no one ever described a near 21 stone (when I started) 5”5 guy as ‘the heartbreak kid’). Are these reasons the main reason? No of course not, but I would be lying if I didn’t address the fact that part of it is to appease my ego slightly to the point where I can simply to feel happier in my own skin. 

The number one reason for most is their health and this is true for me also, but the reason behind me wanting to improve my health is that I am very fortunate to have a wife that loves me greatly, and to be frank I would like a longer life with her. So when its crunch time and I feel that ache and fatigue so much so that I can hardly bare to lift my arms to throw in the towel, that is what brings me back in. I remember how much I have put in and how much I will get out. When I think about the potential health complications and the fact that I have a chance to change that now, it hits me harder than Venom smelling salts. That’s what makes me dig my heels in, grit my teeth and not give up.

So that is what it is for me, but I would love to hear what it is for you. So you lovely lot whether you having been doing this for years, or if like me you are a bit of a fitness new kid,  I ask you once more….

What is the point?


   - Martin Kerr